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Mayflower understands no two moves are the same. Our Moving Library is full of helpful information. Need help moving a family pet? Not sure how to involve the kids? What about moving into your first home? Mayflower is here to answer your questions and help guide you through this exciting process. From packing your kitchen appliances to help with your “furry friends,” Mayflower has you covered, every step of the way.

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More than 12 percent of the American population is over the age of 65 and an estimated 1.5 million of these Americans will move into new residences this year. Whether you are moving to a retirement community or assisted living facility, or down-sizing to a space that is more appropriate for your new lifestyle, moving can be stressful and emotionally draining. Find out more in this article.
Moving disrupts your normal routine and generates feelings of uncertainty as you enter uncharted waters. The following suggestions may help make the move less stressful – and save you from needing a bottle of aspirin on the big day.
Since approximately 20 percent of Americans who move are under the age of five, lots of little ones relocate with their families every year. Change can be unnerving, especially for small children, so plan ahead with the following tips from Mayflower to make the process as smooth and tantrum-free as possible.
Kids do not even like to change their socks so imagine how difficult it is for them to change addresses, schools and friends. Many families may experience concerns about leaving their familiar surroundings. This article features some tips on how to help those little ones.
With any move, there are safety concerns for persons and personal belongings. But movers particularly vulnerable to burglaries and identity theft—either during the move itself or once they are settled into their new homes. These precautions may offer some insight.
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 20- to 29-year olds have the highest moving rate of any age range because of life course events such as marriage, childbirth or a new job. Marriage brings more than just two people together—it is also a merger of belongings. Advance planning, proper packing and organization can make the move go more smoothly. These simple tips could help too.
Making a choice between moving companies can be extremely stressful, especially if this is your first move. But do not worry – we have put our years of experience into these important tips you should keep in mind when choosing among moving companies and how to avoid moving scams.
Often times couples who relocate face the financial and emotional stresses of moving in stages. When one person must move quickly to accommodate a new job and the other is left behind with the kids to sell the house, it is important to plan ahead and stay organized in order for both moves to go smoothly.
Moving can be a workout! Packing up and moving an entire home can be an overwhelming process. The good news is all of the heavy lifting and organizing adds up to some pretty hefty workouts. Check out how many calories you burn moving furniture and packing boxes; we bet it is more than you think.
There is no doubt about it – Americans just seem to accumulate “stuff,” and our lifestyles create a lot of waste. Those facts are never more evident than when you are packing and unpacking for a move. This year, more than 43 million Americans will pack up their households and move. If you are among them, remember to watch out for Mother Earth in the process by considering these environment-friendly moving tips.
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