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If you have a question regarding your move, please refer to the frequently asked questions listed below. If your question is not answered, please contact your Mayflower agent directly for more information. Our Customer Service department is also available to assist you.

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Frequently asked questions

What agency services my area? Back to Top
  • Visit our Find an Agent page to locate an agency that services your area.

How can I obtain an estimate or request information? Back to Top

When is my shipment due to deliver? Back to Top
  • Check your bill of lading. The delivery dates are available in the upper left corner.
  • Using your order number, you can check the ETA of a move within the United States or internationally by utilizing our online tracking system.

Who do I contact if my shipment is delayed beyond my stated delivery dates? Back to Top

My shipment was delivered after the stated delivery spread, what now? Back to Top
  • Full-service household goods move – Contact your salesperson or move coordinator at the agency that booked your move.

    In those cases where a delay in the loading or delivery of your shipment occurs, you may be eligible to receive a per diem of $100.00 per day. If we are moving your automobile under our household good tariff, the per diem is $30.00 per day.

    While additional restrictions may apply, we offer these general guidelines:

    • On delays at origin, compensation begins at 5:00 pm of the last day of the load spread as stated on the Bill of Lading and ends the morning of the load date.
    • On delays at delivery, compensation begins at 5:00 pm of the last day of the delivery spread as stated on the Bill of Lading and ends the morning of the delivery date.
    • You must request this compensation in writing within 30 days of the date your delivery occurs. If the delay involves an automobile, the customer must also submit a detailed receipt from a commercial car rental company.
    • Your shipment must weigh, or be rated at, a minimum of 3,500 pounds. This weight requirement does not apply on automobiles.
    • Your shipment must load and/or deliver in part or in whole direct from or to your residence.
    • Compensation does not apply when an entire shipment loads from or delivers to a storage facility of any kind.
    • Compensation does not apply on any overflow portion of a shipment.
    • Delay compensation may not apply on delays that are a result of circumstances beyond the carrier’s control such as, but not limited to, weather, mechanical breakdown, strikes, lockouts, Acts of God, etc.
    • Compensation is capped at the adjusted transportation charge.

  • Special products shipments: Contact the agent that booked your shipment regarding the delay. Your shipment could be eligible for a 25% service guarantee refund of the billable linehaul charges.
  • International shipments: Contact our International customer service department at 800-325-3924.

Who do I contact if the delivery crew didn't reassemble items that were taken apart at origin? Back to Top

What should I do if I receive a bill for services when I have already paid the driver? Back to Top
  • You must be prepared to pay up to 10 percent more than the estimated amount at the time of delivery, if your goods are moving under a non-binding estimate. Any additional services that were incurred during the move may be subject to billing. See your Rights and Responsibilities manual, pages 21-25, for specific information regarding additional charges.

Who do I contact if my move has been incorrectly billed? Back to Top

Who do I contact if my household goods were damaged during the move? Back to Top


  • Government/military household moves

    • Military moves
      For damage or missing items claims, contact your destination transportation officer.
    • Government moves
      For damage or missing items claims, please complete an online claims request.*

    *Notify us of concealed damage or missing items claims that were not noted at time of delivery with 75 days.
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