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The essential trip kit

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A pleasant household move involves more than entrusting personal possessions to a reputable, professional mover; it also means planning for personal comfort and safety during the trip to the new home.

Mayflower Transit's moving experts recommend putting aside essential articles in what Mayflower calls a "trip kit." The kit, usually made of a moving box small enough for a family to take with them to their new home, acts as a collection point for important papers and necessary items that should not be boxed up during the busy sorting and packing process.

We suggest including the following items in the "trip kit:"
    First-aid kit     Paper plates
    Canned Goods     Plastic silverware
    Can opener     Snacks
    Cooking Utensils     Bottled water
    Soap     Disposable cups
    Toilet Paper     Paper towels
    Special items for children     Wash cloths
    Travel alarm clock     Check book
    Sufficient cash     Identification cards
    Credit cards     Hammer
    Flashlight (check batteries)     Light bulbs
    Keys to both old & new house     Pliers
    Fuses     Wrench
    Pet food/dishes     Screwdrivers
    _______________________     _______________________
    _______________________     _______________________
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