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Frequently asked questions

Can I always work with the same Mayflower agent, or should I call an agent in the same city and state for which the shipment is originating from each time? Back to Top
The same agent can handle your transportation needs on all shipments, domestic and international.

What is a "tariff?" Back to Top
This is the list of rules, regulations, available services and resulting charges used by all motor carriers which provide interstate transportation. The tariffs are published by each household goods motor carrier and include its various services. The tariffs are available for your inspection upon request.

Am I required to have a crew to load and unload the van? Back to Top
The amount of labor provided by Mayflower would depend on the commodity being shipped, the size of your shipment, and the tariff used to rate your shipment. If your shipment requires more labor than the tariff provisions provide, your Mayflower agent can make arrangements to meet your labor needs.

What is your standard in-van equipment? Back to Top
Blanket pads, straps, full trailer decking, pallet jack, dollies, J-Bar, and walkboard.

Are your tractors equipped with a satellite tracking system? Back to Top
Yes. One of the most important elements to achieving success in the transportation industry is communication. Because communication is so important, Mayflower has made a major investment and commitment to its customers by installing a satellite tracking system, "MayStar®."

Do you offer shipment tracking via the internet? Back to Top
Yes. With MayTrack®, you can feel confident about the safety and whereabouts of your shipment, any time of the day or night. Once you subscribe to our National Account program, a User ID and password will be assigned to someone within your company to access a specific shipment or obtain information about multiple shipments. By utilizing any Internet-capable personal computer and accessing the Mayflower Web site at www.mayflower.com, you can have the most up-to-date information regarding your company's shipment at your fingertips.

Has your company implemented a bar-code inventory system? Back to Top
Yes. PreciseTrack® replaces hard-to-read handwritten inventories. Using an advanced bar-code system, each piece is scanned and electronically inventoried at loading. At delivery, pieces are scanned a second time.

My company often ships high-value equipment, and we frequently need specialized service such as a liftgate and climate control. Do you have trailers that can accommodate this type of service? Back to Top
Mayflower is a total transportation provider. As a result, no shipment is too big, too small or too unusual for us to handle. Our high-value product crews are experienced in transporting extremely valuable and delicate items. We provide air-ride suspension on every piece of fleet equipment. Upon request, we can provide climate-control and/or liftgate trailers.

It is impossible for a large tractor/trailer unit to access our docks. How do you handle service for facilities with this problem? Back to Top
If the facility provides ample parking close to the entrance of the building although somewhere other than the dock area, we can provide extra labor to load/unload. We can also provide a straight truck or smaller van at an additional charge to access your facility.

How much advance notice must I give to your company if I need to ship something? Back to Top
Generally, 48 hours is sufficient. If you are shipping a roll-out or multiple shipments within a short time-frame, it is best to contact a Mayflower agent as far in advance as possible.

What is the meaning of the term "valuation?" Back to Top
Valuation is a tariff-based coverage for a customer's household goods while they are in the care, custody and control of the carrier. Valuation is NOT insurance.
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