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International Moving Company Services

We can move you anywhere in the world!
We move customers to new homes in more than 150 countries all over the world and manage their moves from start to finish. Handling everything from packing to customs clearance, you can expect professional and helpful international moving services from Mayflower International.

What’s included in my Mayflower International move?
We strive to facilitate successful and stress-free international moves by offering:

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    International Moving Consultation (Included)

    Our movers understand the international move process, including what documents you’ll need, what items can and cannot be transported across borders, the culture and communities at destination and which transportation method/s will meet your unique moving needs.

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    Customs Clearance Management (Included)

    Customs can be complex and overwhelming. Your move consultant will guide you through the customs documentation requirements and process. You can feel at ease knowing that we have the knowledge and expertise to get your belongings to your new home seamlessly.

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    Full Packing (Included)

    To streamline the customs clearance process, we include packing services for all of your belongings in your move cost. If you decide to pack your items yourself, we must inspect all your belongings to ensure there are no restricted items contained in your shipment.

  • Your Own Personal International Move Plan

    Moving abroad can have its challenges, that is why our international moving specialists can help with everything from your initial quote and pre-move planning, to customs clearance management and helping you select the transportation method for moving your belongings to another country.

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What add-on services are available?

In addition to the inherent guidance that we provide, you can you build your own customized international moving plan to fit your personal specifications. You can mix and match any of the following:

Debris removal
Vehicle shipping
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Overseas Residential Movers

As a premier overseas moving company, Mayflower International strives to provide an unmatched international moving experience for our customers worldwide. We have the experience, reach, resources, infrastructure and technology to help customers feel at ease during what can be a scary and unpredictable life event.

Our process typically follows the below steps:

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Pre-Move Consultation

During this consultation, you will review your move details, information about the items you need us to move and the services that you need with one of our estimators. Your estimator will coach you through your transportation and Global Move Protection options and provide a customized international moving quote.

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Book Your Move

After your moving quote is finalized, you will book your move and be assigned a move coordinator who will remain your point of contact throughout your move.

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Move Management

You will be assigned a move manager who will coordinate all the logistics of your move including confirming move dates, compiling personal paperwork and documentation for customs clearance and arranging and tracking the transportation of your goods.

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Packing and Loading

On moving day, our movers will come to your home and pack and load your belongings in accordance with your move plan.

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Your shipment will be transported by land, sea or air based on your specific move requirements.

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On delivery day, you’ll be able to settle into your new home!

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International Corporate Relocation

Whether you are an employee moving to a new country for your job or a corporate relocation manager looking for international corporate moving services for your transferees, we can help! Our network of asset-based international movers provides local and regional moving expertise around the globe.

We are dedicated to getting employees to their destinations on time, avoiding compliance issues during customs clearance and allowing customers to stay within budget. Let us guide you through the pre-move planning stage, customs clearance, overseas shipment tracking, Global Move Protection and every other detail of an international move process. Get started on your international quote today!

Not moving overseas?
Don’t worry! Mayflower® is America’s most trusted moving company since 1927. We are here to help you with your cross-country or long-distance move.

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