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Moving locally has never been easier. Mayflower® interstate moving agents independently provide local moving services under their own businesses and brands.

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Moving Across Town?

Moving from one part of the city to another part or a few zip codes away is actually quite common for several reasons. Job change, upgrading or even downsizing your home, and so on. And with these changes, are you considering hiring a local mover for an easy, stress-free, and hassle-free move? If you are, read on for the information that Mayflower’s trusted movers compiled to help you find the right local mover for your needs.

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    What is a Local Move?

    Local moves are considered moves that are a short distance within the same state. Typically, local moves occur within the same city or a 50-mile radius. State lines help determine whether a move is a local move or an interstate move. For example, a move from Providence, Rhode Island to Boston suburb would not be classified as a local move.

    • Intrastate moves are usually longer distance moves that occur within the same state. These moves might not be considered local even though they are within the same state. Examples of an intrastate move would be moving from San Francisco to Los Angeles, or moving from Dallas to Houston.
    • Interstate moves are different from local or intrastate moves because they involve moving goods across state lines. Interstate moves may also be referred to as long distance or cross country moves. Interstate moves require special authority from Federal regulators. This is why shorter moves within a Metro Area may not be considered a “local move.” 

    Still confusing but ready to move? Start the moving process today. 

  • How Much Does a Local Move Cost?

    Moving costs can vary greatly depending on the type of move you’re making. Add-ons, such as packing and storage can also factor into the price of your move. Distance is typically the biggest factor in pricing a move. 

    Because of this pricing model, shorter distance moves are often more affordable than intrastate or interstate moves.

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    Local Home Moving Services

    Comparing local moving companies can be a daunting task itself. 

    With our network of more than 200 agents, Mayflower provides full service, interstate moving services. When you move locally, within the same state, our interstate moving agents are able to independently provide moving services under their own brands that you would expect from a nationwide mover. 

    Local moving services that these movers provide independently under their own brands help bring you peace of mind and ensure a stress-free move no matter the distance. 

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    Other Local Moving Services to Consider

    Moving is beyond moving your belongings to the new place. Be sure to check with your local movers if they offer other moving services,

    Full and Partial Packing Services

    For packing all your belongings or just a portion of your packing, help may be available. Most movers offer partial packing services to get the packing phase of your local move going.

    Unpacking Services

    Unpacking can take longer than planned, and it is one more thing to add to the to-do list. Ask your local mover if they can help you get organized with unpacking services. With help from expert movers, you can focus on more important things like settling into your new home!

    Trash and Debris Removal

    Ask whether your mover offers trash, debris, and junk removal services for your empty moving boxes and packing waste. This service is typically provided by local movers.

    Other Add-On Services

    Depending on your state or local regulation, local movers may offer custom crating for specialty and fragile items. Ask about electronics packing and installation, storage solutions, and even house cleaning services.

    Comprehensive Protection Options

    Talk with your local mover about what liability options are offered. This helps you understand your rights if unforeseen damage occurs during a local move.
    Understanding your coverage and protection options before the move helps clear up any confusion on the moving day itself.

Local Apartment and Home Moving Services

Each in-network local mover that we work with for interstate moves also understands that every move is unique. Regardless of the size of your move, these moving teams will strive to provide an exceptional level of service. 

Whether you need to move a one-bedroom condo, one- to three-bedroom apartment, studio apartment,  dorm room, or storage unit, these moving teams can help. The professional local movers are experienced in any sized move and can handle everything from start to finish. 

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Senior Living Local Moves

Local movers that Mayflower works with for interstate moves are also the perfect help for seniors to move locally, into an assisted living facility, retirement community, or a new home. 

The local movers will strive to understand that seniors (and their family members) may need more assistance with packing before a move. They can also provide cleaning and trash pickup services, whether at your old home or your new one.

When the move is complete, the movers can assist with unpacking, moving heavy objects and organizing your space.

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Full Service Local Moves

A full service local move is a great option for a hassle-free experience. Packing, unpacking, loading, unloading and driving are all tasks that can be left to an expert.

Ask your local mover what services are available for your local move. 

You may also want to see what types of full service moving packages they may offer. Moving plans are designed to save you time and money. This allows you to focus on your day-to-day responsibilities without distractions or unnecessary stress!

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Mayflower interstate agents also provide local moving services independently under their own businesses and brands. 

Search for a trusted local mover near you within Mayflower’s network and get started on your local move today!

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