Follow My Move: Jake & Jane

The Move


Georgetown, TX to Emory, VA


July, 2013


2 homes and a storage unit


  • Packing
  • Increased FVP
The Team:

Agent Location:

Austin, TX

Move Coordinator:



Freddie and Enrique

Follow My Move: Jake & Jane

“Mayflower guided us and reassured us through the entire process.”

12 weeks out: Retirement can wait

When Jake and Jane decided to move, no one was more surprised than they were. They were close to retiring when Jake was offered a new job that was too good to pass up. Between the new opportunity and the chance to live closer to their daughters, they were very excited. Then they realized how much they had to do to get ready.

“This move came fairly suddenly, giving us only 3 or 4 months to prepare mentally, emotionally and physically.”

8 weeks out: Choosing a mover

When it came time to plan, Jake’s new employer gave them several recommendations for moving companies. They compared various service options and estimates before deciding to book with Mayflower.

“Without a doubt, Mayflower was more professional, more knowledgeable and more attentive to our unique needs.”

4 weeks out: What’s coming with us?

As moving day approached, Jake and Jane began to realize how much stuff they had. Their move included two houses and a storage unit, with a large amount of antiques, fragile china and even a grand piano. They decided they needed help packing – it was just too much to handle themselves.

“It was very helpful that Freddie laid out a realistic timeline of how and when things were going to be packed, so we would know what to expect.”

The Big Move: Calm, cool and careful

On moving day, the Texas heat soared over 100 degrees. Jake and Jane were busy packing a few last minute things, while their dogs tried to “help” with the move. Even so, the Mayflower team stayed calm, cool and careful. The moving trucks were loaded and on their way before the end of the day.

“They had a calming effect and reassured us…Everyone was very trustworthy and seemed to be as careful moving our things as they would have been with their own.”

Settling In: One box at a time

Once the trucks reached their new home in Virginia, the Mayflower team unloaded each item and placed it in the correct room. They set up the beds and positioned all the furniture – including the grand piano and all of the antiques, which arrived just as beautifully as they left.  Jake and Jane began to settle into their new home, and their Mayflower team headed out to help another family begin their move.

“We’re still unpacking boxes and cleaning… we may be unpacking until Freddie comes to move us again!”