Follow My Move: Craig and April

The Move


Muncie, IN to Tempe, AZ


August, 2013


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Phoenix, AZ

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Follow My Move: Craig and April

“They were fantastic the entire way!”

4 weeks out: Opportunity awaits

Craig was the softball coach at Ball State University in Indiana when he was presented a new opportunity as the head softball coach for Arizona State University. This exciting job offer came suddenly for his wife April, and their four children:

“We were left with not much time to plan; about a month or less.”

3-4 weeks out: Time to sell

ASU chose Mayflower as the family’s mover. According to April, the toughest part about the move process was the waiting. The family had to sell their home in Indiana first “so we could get everything scheduled and set up to move” and in her words, “with no lag time!”

Once their house sold, it was time to really get things moving.

“Mayflower took all of the hassle and worry out of setting up or scheduling of pre-move and move day arrangements.”

2 weeks out: Packing for six

With four children, the family was very concerned about packing their home full of belongings. To help make things easier, they decided to add additional packing services to their move plan. In fact, according to April, packing was a “wonderful” and “valuable” service for her family.

Moving Day: Smooth and stress-free

On the big day the driver and four movers showed up right on time and ready to move. April was impressed with how “prepared” the team was to prep and move her family’s belongings.

They also paid such close attention to the details. Colby, April and Craig’s three year old daughter, kept her cherished lip balm and hand sanitizers in the basket of her bike. The movers retrieved these “accessories” and passed them off to Colby for safe keeping. Ed, the driver, even took Colby on a short tour of the truck and helped ease her worries; this gave April peace of mind.

The movers also took care of Reese, the family dog. At first, Reese started barking and was quite leery of the movers. To help ease the stress of the day, one of the movers actually sat with the dog and gave him treats to calm him down.

“It took the movers 10 hours and they got it done in an excellent and professional manner.”

Settling In: We’re all here

Once the movers arrived in Tempe it was time start unpacking. Mayflower’s labeling system was helpful during this process, especially since April, Craig and their four children were moving into a two-story home without a basement.

“It really helped expedite the placement of all the items for my four kids.”

After working with Mayflower and planning her family’s move, April has some advice for first-time movers:

  • Plan ahead and don’t procrastinate…organize and de-clutter before the packing begins.
  • If you choose to have your house packed, find a designated “no pack” area for items you want left off the truck.
  • Pay for packing help, you won’t regret it!

April and Craig were thrilled with the packing services!