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realtor and a couple at an open house

Why Attending Open Houses Is Important

Are open houses obsolete? Here are four reasons why an in-person visit still matters.
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Moving with cats

Essential Tips for Moving with Your Cat

You finally found the perfect new place to call home.
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moving as a teenager

What It's Like to Move as a Teenager  

Are you a teen on the move — or their parent? Get an insider’s POV on what it’s like from a 16-year-old who’s moved coast-to-coast three different times.
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clean kitchen stove

Home Maintenance Tasks to Do Before You Move

The best welcome you can give your home’s new owners is a space they’ll feel comfortable in from day one.
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A woman working and packing

How to Move Without Any Help

We’re not talking strictly about the pros and cons of DIY versus full-service moving.
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moving a boat

8 Tips and Trick for Moving a Smaller Boat 

Moving a small boat yourself?
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Downtown Des Moines

Moving to Iowa Complete Guide

Known for its rolling green hills, its caucus and, of course, its corn, the state of Iowa is an agricultural and cultural treasure in the Midwest.
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New Haven Connecticut

Connecticut Relocation Guide – Tips for Moving to Connecticut

One of the original 13 colonies, the Constitution State offers the best of New England’s historic charm, along with unparalleled modern connectivity.
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space or place

What Matters in a Move

Sometimes you move for the place (hello, sunshine!) Other times, it’s the space. Here’s how to weigh what’s important — and why.
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9 Tips for Moving When it Snows

Winter weather is unpredictable, to say the least, bringing with it another layer of complexity when it comes to a move.
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Moving with Plants: A Survival Guide

Plants can be tricky to move – for starters, they’re living, breathing things. As such, they require extra care.
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Your Guide for Moving to Maine

Thinking about moving to Maine?
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