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Whether you decide to have Mayflower professionally pack your items for you or to take packing on yourself, below you can find everything you’ll need to know to begin packing and preparing for your move, including what supplies you’ll need, what things you cannot pack and best packing practices.

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packing when you're pregnant

8 Tips for Moving When You're Pregnant

While preparing for a new baby is exciting, moving to a new home during a pregnancy can be stressful.
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moving someone else's items

Tips for Moving Someone's Else's Things

There are any number of reasons―both positive and negative―why you might be taking charge of a move on someone else’s behalf.
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How to Prevent Future Clutter Pileups

One day your home is clean and organized, the next you’re wondering how so much stuff accumulated so quickly. Clutter has a way of sneaking up on you.
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Move coordinator helping pack and on the phone

A Day in the Life of a Move Coordinator

Get a firsthand glimpse into a typical day for one of our Move Coordinators — in her own words.
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Man moving boxes in living room

Tips for Getting Through a Move During a Breakup or Divorce 

Moving out and moving on? Check out six tips for moving during a breakup.
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Moving in winter

7 Tips for Moving During Winter

There’s a reason people move more during the summer: the weather. However, that’s not always possible — or desired.
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Pack a car for a move

How to Pack Your Car for a Cross-Country Move

Often, a long-distance move involves a road trip — here’s what you need to keep comfortable and safe when traveling from point A to point B.
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Tips for Using Pantry Items Before You Move

When you’re preparing to move, you’ll likely have food that needs to be used.
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What Food Banks Need – and How You Can Help

At some point in the kitchen packing process, you’ll look into your cupboards.
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Nice upscale homes on suburban street - Mayflower®

Planning for Move Out

It’s finally here — moving day! You’ve done your due diligence throughout the move process, from decluttering your house to organizing and packing all your belongings.
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Best Tips for Moving in Summer

For many families and college-aged students, relocating during the summer months is usually the most stressful time to move.
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This Moving Supplies Checklist Will Make Your Move So Much Easier

If you are beginning to pack for an upcoming move, make sure you don’t overlook one of the most important details — gathering the adequate moving supplies.
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