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Whether you decide to have Mayflower professionally pack your items for you or to take packing on yourself, below you can find everything you’ll need to know to begin packing and preparing for your move, including what supplies you’ll need, what things you cannot pack and best packing practices.

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Best Tips for Moving in Summer

For many families and college-aged students, relocating during the summer months is usually the most stressful time to move.
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This Moving Supplies Checklist Will Make Your Move So Much Easier

If you are beginning to pack for an upcoming move, make sure you don’t overlook one of the most important details — gathering the adequate moving supplies.
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Top 10 Tips For Moving Safely During COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic is unlike anything our country has ever seen. Information is changing daily, and we all have questions about how to protect ourselves and each other.    If you are planning a move during the COVID-19 outbreak or have already
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When is the best time to move?

When is the best time to move? Let America's Most Trusted Moving Company guide you through what you need to know to pick the best moves for you!
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Plan Your Move Out Day - Couple speaking in kitchen - Mayflower

Plan Your Move Out Day

Preparing for Moving Out Day: The process of moving starts long before the movers arrive at your home. Follow these steps to prepare.
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How to Pack Wine Bottles

Your wine bottles require special care in a move. It isn’t difficult to upset wine’s delicate chemistry with high or low temperatures, vibration, humidity or light.
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How to Pack Shoes for Your Move

If your shoes have survived pre-move planning without being routed to a giveaway or garage sale pile, chances are you plan on wearing them again someday.
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How to Pack Food - Expert Moving Tips

Be mindful of restrictions when packing perishables. Keep in mind that there are laws that prohibit movers from transporting some types of perishable goods.
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How to Pack Your Dining Room

If you are preparing to move out of your house, it is important to start by gathering all of the essential packing supplies.
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What Prevents People From Decluttering?

According to Mayflower’s 2018 Movers Insights study, the top five things that keep people from decluttering are: Thinking that they might have a need for a belonging in the future
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How To Pack & Move Appliances

Each appliance has unique needs when moving. Are your appliances coming with you to your new home? If so, keep in mind that moving appliances often requires additional planning.
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How to Pack Your Books Effectively

Carefully evaluate your collection for books that you could live without. More than likely there are some you could part with, especially when you consider the cost of moving them.
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