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5 Best Houseplants for a Windowsill Garden

If you have a windowsill with eastern or southern exposure, it’s a prime perch for an indoor garden.
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Caring for Your Lawn: DIY or Hire a Pro?

Five questions to ask yourself before deciding which option is best for you.
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Five Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home Office  

Get five simple tips and techniques for dressing up your remote workspace and improving your well-being at the same time.
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Eight Great – and Affordable – Landscaping Hacks

Could your yard use a minor makeover? These hacks can make a major difference – without spending a lot of money.
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Tips for Decorating Your Entryway

Get five simple tips and techniques for making what’s behind the front door more practical and pretty.
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How to Turn Your Brown Thumb Green

Do your house plants thrive or slowly wither away? Get tips and tricks for turning your brown thumb green.
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apartment updates

Five Temporary but Transformative Apartment Updates

Five simple things you can easily do to make your new apartment feel like home.
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5 Ways to Maintain Good Mental Health During a Move

Moving doesn’t have to be a stress test! Here are five simple tips to bring the pressure down and lift your spirits up.
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Pack a car for a move

How to Pack Your Car for a Cross-Country Move

Often, a long-distance move involves a road trip — here’s what you need to keep comfortable and safe when traveling from point A to point B.
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5 Tips for Upgrading to a Smart Home Based on Your Budget and Needs

Ready to upgrade to a smart home? Check out these five practical tips for doing it your way.
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How to Grow Plants From Seed Indoors or Outside

Starting and growing plants from seed is a great way to pass the non-growing season indoors.
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Big City to Small Town: Making the Leap

Recent moving industry studies have revealed that more people than ever are trading the big city for the more “livable” lifestyles found in suburban and rural areas.
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