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dusting kitchen

Dusting 101: What You Need to Know

Is a dusty home getting you down? Check out 7 tips and tricks for keeping dust at bay.
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professional cleaner

Professional Cleaning or DIY?

Should you hire a professional house cleaner or do the job yourself? Let’s weigh the pros and cons.
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ecofriendly home cleaning

Eco-Friendly Cleaning: How to Go Green in Your Home

Going green with your cleaning routine is a win-win. Learn why — and how.
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grandpas in the garden

Pros, Cons and Resources for Aging in Place 

The U.S.
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Celebrate the First Holiday in Your New Home

Your winter move is over, the unpacking’s well under control and it’s time to settle in for the very first holiday season in your new home.
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How to Turn Your Brown Thumb Green

Do your house plants thrive or slowly wither away? Get tips and tricks for turning your brown thumb green.
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5 Ways to Maintain Good Mental Health During a Move

Moving doesn’t have to be a stress test! Here are five simple tips to bring the pressure down and lift your spirits up.
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Settling in as a Singleton: Putting Yourself out There

It’s exciting, unfamiliar and even a little scary, so keep in mind that your journey to a new place is also a journey to a different way of living, too.
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