Decor That Feels Like a Warm Hug

Whether you just moved or plan on moving soon, making your house a home is no doubt top of mind. Regardless of your decorative leanings — minimalist and modern, transitional, contemporary or straight-up traditional — injecting warmth into your space is key. 

But where do you start?  

By capitalizing on natural light. When sunlight floods a room — be it morning’s gentle glow or afternoon’s golden cast — it’s an instant invitation, illuminating your belongings and creating sunspots for your furry friends. So, don’t shy away from sheer curtains or from opening — better yet, raising — the blinds. 

Incorporating texture into your interior design is another powerful tool — think faux fur throws; linen bedding; luxe silk or felted wool pillows; shaggy lounge chairs; and deep-piled rugs. Meanwhile, sculptural, curvaceous touches — particularly ones that recollect nature — help pieces flow seamlessly. While you’re at it, consider incorporating a statement piece or two.  Beyond being a great conversation starter, focal touches show purpose and thought, provided you don’t go overboard. 

Taking cues from nature is another helpful trick. Leaning into earthy colors and materials is one way to go. Choosing soothing blue or green hues is another route for those seeking serenity and an opportunity to bring the outdoors “in.” Complement them with interesting, varied houseplants to add additional layers, depth and an organic feel to a room. Have a brown thumb? Check out these tips on growing healthy plants indoors

But don’t forget about your home’s hardest-working spaces. Your kitchen, for example, could benefit from furry stools at the breakfast bar or nubby placemats on the table. Swapping out standard chairs for sumptuous bench seating is another handy trick. Have an alcove? Cushion it so you can curl up with a book. 

When it comes to your bedroom, don’t be afraid to incorporate color. Rich — even jeweled — tones can make private quarters feel cocooned. That said, spa-like colors lend tranquility and a sense of chill. 

Although you may be tempted to buy everything brand new, time-tested vintage or antique items can add incredible warmth, not to mention a lived-in feel. So, too, can collections from travels, such as a piece of driftwood on a shelf; a bowl of hand-picked seashells on a coffee table; or other special trinkets that were gathered over time. Naturally, photos of family and friends are not to be overlooked, as they nod to good times and help keep loved ones close. 

You’d be remiss not to treat lighting with care. A mixture of dimmable table lamps, floor lamps and overhead lighting ensures you can set the appropriate mood. Even swapping out bulbs can make a huge difference in terms of the vibe. 

Scent matters, too. With so many aromatherapy options out there — from shower tabs and bath bombs to room sprays, diffusers and cleaning products fragranced with essential oils — you’re sure to find a perfect fit. But avoid anything too cloying. Subtle is the name of the game. 

Things aside, a welcoming abode is also a state of mind. Denmark, like its neighbors, knows a thing or two about dreary winters. Enter the cultural concept of hygge (pronounced HYU-gah).  

While there is no exact translation in English, words like “coziness,” “wellbeing” and “togetherness” are at the core. More mental than physical, hygge is about having flexibility, a positive mood and a holistic outlook on life. However, this abstract sentiment is also about slowing down, connecting with loved ones and carving out time for what matters most. 

Practicing hygge might mean enjoying a cup of coffee on a Sunday morning; catching up with friends over brunch; or simply relaxing in the space that you call home.  

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