How to Pack Your Clothes

If you are moving with Mayflower, you can leave lightweight clothes in your dresser drawers for transport. There is no need to pack them. Off-season clothes can travel by box, being one of the first things you’ll likely pack. What about the clothes in your closet?

Use Specialty Boxes to Prevent Wrinkles and Damage.

Moving clothes from closet to closet is a breeze with specialty wardrobe boxes. These sturdy boxes have built-in racks that hold about two feet worth of clothes on hangers.

The advantages of using a specialty wardrobe box are:

  • Unwrinkled clothes
  • Less time and effort to pack and unpack clothes on hangers
  • Greater protection for fine garments and longer lengths like suits and evening dresses

However, if you do not want to use a wardrobe box, you may remove each item from its hanger and fold it carefully into a suitcase or box lined with news wrap.

Moving your hats

The best way to move hats is in their original hatbox. If this is an option, you may be able to pack two hatboxes together in a box. Alternatively, you can stuff each hat with crumpled news wrap and put it in a box, completely wrapping it with tissue. Boxes with hats should be packed with heavier hats on the bottom, lighter hats on the top. Do not pack anything other than hats in the hat boxes, to avoid damage.

Leather and fur

Because furs and leather are sensitive to temperature and moisture, Mayflower recommends that you keep these items with you instead of transporting them by van with the rest of your belongings. Keep in mind that this applies to expensive leather purses, shoes or other items you may have.

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