How to Pack Food – Expert Moving Tips

Be Mindful of Restrictions when Packing Perishables

Can I bring perishable items?

If you are moving less than 150 miles, you may be able to pack food and perishables. If that applies to you, consult your Mayflower move coordinator for details. Otherwise, make plans to consume or give away your food before moving day. See our list of non-allowables for additional information.

Can I bring frozen items?

Frozen foods are perishable and are subject to non-allowable restrictions. You can ask your Mayflower move coordinator about options for refrigerator transport of your frozen goods. Be aware that even if a third party option is available, it may not make sense from a cost standpoint.

Can I bring canned goods?

You may move canned goods, but you should consider whether it’s cost-effective to do so. Canned goods are typically inexpensive, and you may be paying more to transport them than you would to replace them, since they are heavy and cost more to move.

Can I bring dry goods?

The good news is your dry goods are very move-friendly. Pastas, cereals, grains, herbs, condiments, baking ingredients, etc. can all make the move safely ─ even open boxes, when properly prepared and boxed, can be moved.

The key thing to remember is that you want to seal all open packages with tape. Containers like saltshakers and herbs should also be sealed with tape. Small containers such as spices should be collected and put in a small box before packing them into a larger box of dry goods.

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