Moving to South Carolina

The Palmetto State is known for a few things: Southern hospitality, the Blue Ridge Mountains, and quaint beach towns along the coast.

South Carolina provides a slice of adventure, history, charm, and college pride – or something for everybody. If you’re thinking of making South Carolina your new home, read more about what you need to know before moving.

The Retired Life in South Carolina

For retirees, South Carolina is an ideal destination, known for its Southern charm and hospitality. The state does not tax Social Security benefits, and there is no state estate tax. According to Kiplinger, South Carolina also ranks high for retirement due to low property taxes, good benefits for veterans, and other tax deductions. 

Residents of South Carolina aged 60 and above may qualify for free tuition at participating state-supported colleges, allowing residents to pursue education and hobbies even in retirement.

Aside from tax benefits, the variety of activities in South Carolina appeal to retirees and all residents in general. The retired life in South Carolina is full of visiting historical sites, walking along the beach, and playing a round at over 300 golf courses.

Weather in South Carolina

Living in South Carolina means beautiful weather, but also a possibility of hurricanes and other tropical storms. Hurricane season runs from June to November, peaking in late summer. Spring and early summer can also bring severe thunderstorms and tornadoes. 

The summer can get toasty, averaging at 90 degrees. Winters are mild and comfortable, with an average temperature of 58 degrees. Fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year in South Carolina, with the color of the leaves changing against the mountains. When planning your move, don’t forget to check the weather before and prepare for rain, cold, or heat.

Cost of Living in South Carolina

South Carolina’s cost of living* ranks below the national average, making it one of the top 25 affordable states in the United States. Housing, transportation, and health costs also fall under the average, but groceries and utilities tend to be a bit higher.

When it comes to real estate, South Carolina’s median sales price  of homes is $273,000  according to the August 2021 SCR report. The state is broken out into different regions: Mountains, Midlands, and Coastal. Each region brings different costs and lifestyles, depending on where you choose to live.

Coastal Life

With thousands of miles of coastline in South Carolina, there’s no shortage of coastal towns and beautiful beaches. Myrtle Beach is home to the Grand Strand, a section of the beach with shops, restaurants, and a 187 foot Ferris Wheel. Hilton Head Island has resorts and beaches that are perfect for families or for those looking to take a little getaway. Kayaking through the water or biking around the island are just a few of activities for families, retirees or any nature lovers. 

Charleston is full of rich history and culture, with its famous oak trees throughout the city. Visit the Angel Oak, a 1,500-year-old tree, Civil War sites and museums, and other historical buildings. Whether you choose to live in a laid-back beach town or a major city, there’s no shortage of things to do along the coast.

South Carolina’s Mountains

Living in South Carolina not only provides a beach landscape but also a vast array of mountains. The Blue Ridge Mountain stretches across the state, offering plenty of opportunities to hike, climb, camp, explore, and more. The state’s eight mountain parks provide over 17,000 acres of land with over 300 campsites. If you prefer other bodies of water beside the ocean, several of the trails through the state parks offer beautiful views of waterfalls. 

College Football & South Carolina

You can’t talk about South Carolina and not talk about the Clemson Tigers. The city of Clemson revolves around the university, and the campus itself is full of historical sites. After you catch a game, Clemson doesn’t fall short on restaurants and local stores to shop around in. Clemson is also home to the South Carolina Botanical Garden. Explore the 295-acre garden, which is free year-round.

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