Moving to Virginia

Looking to live in a beautiful state with rich roots in American history? Living in Virginia could be for you! You’ll find exciting adventures such as thrilling theme parks, historical colonial battlegrounds and breath-taking hiking trails in the Blue Ridge mountains.

Learn more from Mayflower about the basics of moving to Virginia and what the state has to offer.

Life in Virginia

The cost of living in Virginia* is just below the U.S. national average. The state falls right in the middle of the cost-of-living index at 98.1, on a scale of 100. 

The job market in Virginia is strong, with a median household income of $81,947*. The highest employing industries are professional and business services, government, trade, transportation and  utilities. 

Looking to buy a house in Virginia? The median home price was $390,000 as of April 2022.

If you’re moving with children and are concerned about the quality of education in Virginia, set your worries aside. Virginia has one of the highest on-time graduation rates with almost 93% of students graduating on track. 

The state also ranks fourth in the country when it comes to the quality of public school education. For higher education, Virginia is home to three colleges in the top 100

  • University of Virginia in Charlottesville
  • College of William & Mary in Williamsburg
  • Virginia Tech in Blacksburg

Incredible Natural Wonders in Virginia

Ready to take  outdoor adventures on a regular basis? Virginia is home to 22 national parks and reservation areas, plus 41 state parks, with evrything  from beautiful hiking trails in the mountains to historic battlegrounds. 

If you want a breathtaking Virginia experience, don’tmiss Shenandoah National Park. The park is nested in the Appalachian and the Blue Ridge Mountains, allowing you to take in all of Virginia’s natural beauty. For those who enjoy scenic drives, make sure to travel along Skyline Drive, a famous 105-mile drive through the mountains. 

If sitting beachside under the sun is more your speed, head to Virginia’s east coast. ou’ll find the Coastal Virginia Eastern Shore and the sand of Virginia Beach. 

No matter how you enjoy the outdoors, you’ll find something in Virginia.

Virginia: America’s First Home

Virginia has a rich history.  When settlers were traveling from London in 1606-1607, they landed in an area they eventually  named Jamestowne in honor of King James I. This was the first permanent English settlement in North America, later called the Jamestowne Colony

Today, visitors to the restored village  can observe archeologists digging and studying dig sites and visit a museum full of artifacts from the past. 

Looking for an interactive museum? Travel back in time by visiting the Colonial City of Williamsburg. Here, you’ll find reenactments of pivotal moments in the American Revolution. Learn history by talking to the historical figures who lived through it.

Interested in learning more about the Civil War? Start by visiting some of the historic battlegrounds in Virginia. The state of Virginia has had the most major civil war battles in the United States. 

Virginia’s Weather

The weather in Virginia varies across the state due to the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf Stream, and the Appalachian and Blue Ridge Mountain ranges. 

During the springtime, you’ll find cool weather and rainy days. In the summer, the average high temperature is 86 degrees. It gets even warmer in the southern and eastern parts of Virginia. There is also a larger amount of rainfall in the summertime.

The fall brings beautiful autumnal colors before the wintertime cold settles in. Winters in Virginia are cold and can be snowy, with the average low temperature at 26 degrees. Colder temperatures can be found in Northern Virginia by the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

Virginia also experiences a variety of hazardous weather. Thunderstorms and snowstorms are the most common, but the state is also susceptible to tornadoes and hurricanes along the coast. 

Moving to Virginia Soon? Let Mayflower Get You There

So you’ve decided to make the move to Virginia, but aren’t sure where to start? Mayflower’s professional Virginia movers can help you get there. 

Mayflower provides complete moving services, everything from packing to unpacking. We have dedicated long-distance movers that can guide you Every Step of the Way(r) in your moving journey with our complete moving services.  For local moves within the state, these interstate agents also independently provide moving services to local customers under their own businesses and brands.

To start planning your move to Virginia, complete an online moving quote today. 

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