Moving in Summer 2021: Tips and Guide

This summer’s moving season has been challenging. We're here to help, in every way we can.

Don’t Delay — Book Your Move Early

We get it. The summer 2021 moving season has had its unique challenges. 

While there are reasons for limited mover availability and longer delivery times in some areas of the country right now, we know that’s not helpful to hear. As we work hard to get your belongings moved ASAP, we also want to help you navigate the process so it’s easy and stress-free.  

Have extra time or flexibility? Book early so your desired load (or move) date is available. Not an option? Read on for expert tips and advice from our pros.  

  • How Early Should I Book My Move?

    Giving us notice well in advance lets us more efficiently plan and manage everything around your relocation and helps us put time on your side. Learn more about booking your specific move type. 

  • What If My Preferred Move Date Is Not Available?

    During this year’s summer moving season, flexibility — and booking early — is key. If that’s simply not an option and you know you want a full-service move, consider this advice from our experts. 

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The Ultimate Moving Checklist

We can help you get organized for your move eight weeks in advance. Check out our comprehensive checklist to streamline and simplify the tasks at hand.

Stay Organized with Our Moving Checklists

What's to Pack and Bring with You

We’ve created some suggestions to help you plan moving boxes that should travel with you. The purpose of these boxes is to have what you need where you can easily get to it, when you need it, especially if you and your family arrive at your new home before the movers and your other shipments arrive.

Pack First Night Moving Boxes

7 Ways to Manage Moving Stress

Moving isn’t easy. Read about ways to manage the process while maintaining your well-being — even in the midst of challenging times. 

Manage Moving Stress

Questions About Moving During COVID-19

As we continue to recover from the COVID-19 outbreak, if you are planning a move with a professional moving company, you may want to consider some additional actions to help support a safe move.


Moving In COVID-19 FAQs