Boomers Less Likely Than Millennials to Declutter

Mayflower’s 2018 Mover Insights Study: Baby boomers prefer to keep things for future use

Baby boomers may have more possessions, but still value organization

Baby boomers are significantly more likely than millennials and Generation X to say their household never lives simply or minimally. With a traditional work ethic, baby boomers have been known to view possessions as a measurement of success. With parents who lived through the Great Depression, it makes sense baby boomers prefer to keep things for future use.

Nearly half say the thought of getting rid of something they may need in the future stops them from decluttering.

Baby boomers also have a tendency to shy away from online sales sites and use more traditional methods of decluttering, like giving away items to friends and family.

Although they don’t purge often, baby boomers value a tidy and organized space.

Seventy-four percent say that decluttering makes it easier for them to keep their home clean and helps them relax.

illustration of baby boomers in their living room with a photo of millennials on the wall

Baby boomers (49%) are significantly more likely than millennials (39%) to stop themselves from decluttering for fear they might need an item again one day.

Although they value clean spaces, moving can be difficult for baby boomers due to their tendency to keep more things than younger generations.

They find it very difficult to move everything they own without purging anything. In fact, only nine percent of baby boomers have moved without getting rid of anything.

Many baby boomers look to household goods moving companies to help make the process less stressful.

Baby boomers may have more possessions than other generations, but they still enjoy having a decluttered and stress-free living environment to go home to.

They believe that belongings kept in storage will become usable or valuable one day and that keeping sentimental heirlooms is an important tradition.

With more children per family than any generation in recent history, you’d be hard pressed to find a baby boomer without an attic filled with things ready to hand down to the next generation.

All data is from the 2018 Mayflower Mover Insights Study. If you’re interested in learning more about our annual study, click here.