Generation X is Sentimental with Heirlooms

Mayflower’s 2018 Mover Insights Study: Generation X values heirlooms and wants to pass them on

How Do Generation Xers View Minimalism, Decluttering and Heirlooms?

In the Middle

Since Generation X falls between millennials and baby boomers, their perspective on decluttering is influenced by both generations. They are passing down new ways of thinking to their children but also desire to create homes filled with sentimental items like their parents did.

How Does Gen-X See the Minimalist Movement?

Over 75 percent of Generation X say they are familiar with the minimalist movement. However, only 14 percent say their household lives simply. This shows that Generation X is aware and comfortable with the idea of living minimally, but the pride their parents’ have in owning homes and belongings still resonates.

Decluttering in Gen-X

Generation X declutters to make it easier to keep their homes clean. While most people think it’s millennials who are on the Internet all the time, Generation X is more likely than millennials and baby boomers to use online sales sites to help them declutter.

After decluttering, 75 percent of Gen Xers agree that living simply makes them feel grounded and in control. Due to their tendency to live in one location for an extended period of time, the need to keep their space organized to avoid unnecessary stress remains a priority regardless of how many possessions they have.

Hanging on to Heirlooms

Generation X is attached to their heirlooms. They take pride in displaying their sentimental items and hardly ever refurbish or repurpose them. With strong ties to their belongings, 49 percent of Gen Xers wish they could let go of more things, but can’t seem to do it.

Generation X (60%) is more likely than millennials (53%) to put an heirloom in a safe place to pass along someday.

Blurring the Line

When it comes to decluttering, Generation X blurs the line between baby boomers and millennials. While they are not as concerned as baby boomers with keeping items they may need in the future, they also don’t identify with the millennial minimalists.

All data is from the 2018 Mayflower Mover Insights Study. If you’re interested in learning more about our annual study, click here.

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