Moved by Emotion: Why Millennials are Moving for Love

Apr 5, 2016 – Bright lights and big cities might attract some millennials, but for others, the age-old pursuit of love is driving them to pack their bags and head off to greener pastures.

According to the 2016 Mayflower Movers Insights study, nearly half of those ages 18-35 have relocated to a new city or state for love. The study, which focused on millennial moving trends, found that 46 percent of respondents have moved to a new city, state or country to be with or find a romantic partner. Robin Shroyer is just one of the many who succeeded.

“I had been living in Raleigh on and off for 20 years, and just needed to get out,” said Shroyer, who made the move from Raleigh, North Carolina to Charlotte, North Carolina in 2014.

“I moved around a lot as a kid, went to colleges in different cities, and even tried New York City for a hot minute. But ultimately, I kept coming back to Raleigh,” Shroyer said. “I had basically been in back-to-back relationships from 18 to 27, and with a recent break-up, I knew it would never end if I didn’t leave.”

After signing up on various online dating sites, Shroyer went on 18 dates in Charlotte in the first four months of living in her new home.

“I matched with Alex on a Monday, and by the end of the day we were sending novels to each other. On Tuesday, we decided to meet last minute at a neighborhood bar, and ended up staying out until 1:30 a.m.,” Shroyer recalled. “The next day, I cancelled all my other dates. Six weeks later, we made it official. A week after that, we told each other we loved each other, and nine months later we moved in together.”

Shroyer has been with Alex ever since, and could not be happier with her decision to move.

“There was always something about Charlotte – something pulled me here,” Shroyer said. “I took a chance and it has paid off every single day.”

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