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'Vacation Movers', 'Settle Downers', 'Hometowners' and 'Maybe Sooners' Trend in 2017

What Type of Mover Are You?

The 2017 Mayflower Mover Insights Study sought to understand how millennial moving habits may be changing as the generation continues to age. Do millennials stay in the cities they move to in their early 20s? If not, how do they choose a city to call home?

Four different types of movers emerged in our findings – Vacation Movers, Settle Downers, Hometowners and Maybe Sooners. What kind of mover are you?

Vacation Movers

Have you recently moved to a new city with a timeline for leaving in mind? Have you ever thought – “I couldn’t be more excited to move to a new city for my job, but I probably won’t be here forever?” If so, consider yourself a Vacation Mover. Forty-one percent of millennials surveyed have moved to a new city without intending to settle down there permanently. The top reasons for making non-permanent moves include starting work at a new job (40%), a new lifestyle/experience (30%) or trying to find a new job (26%).

Settle Downers

Early on you were all about a transient lifestyle, but recently, you’ve found yourself saying, “I’m ready to put down roots, and it would be nice to live in a place where I can get more than just a studio apartment for my money.” It’s happened – you’re officially a Settle Downer. Seventy-three percent of millennials surveyed are comfortable settling down where they currently live. And Settle Downers’ top answer for what will drive them to settle down is getting a job they love.


Leave home? What for? Your favorite restaurants, closest friends and family live within a few minutes’ drive. If this describes you, then you are most definitely a Hometowner, and you’re not alone. Forty-seven percent of millennials surveyed still live in the place they grew up.

Maybe Sooners

If you often find yourself gazing out the window near your desk, thinking “I’d love to live somewhere else. Maybe someday…” If someday is sooner than you think, you could be a Maybe Sooner. Fifty-three percent of millennials surveyed said they might make a vacation move in the next five years – that is, a move to a new city without any intention of staying long-term. And almost 70 percent say they would be willing to move in the next five years for a new job opportunity.

About the Mayflower Mover Insights Study

Mayflower moves tens of thousands of families and individuals every year. Our experience helps us understand where people move, but we don’t always know why they move. In 2013, Mayflower began its Mover Insights Study to learn about the motivation behind various relocations. Each year since we have sponsored a consumer survey to identify the nation’s top moving trends.

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