For Love and Fun: One Millennial’s Moving Story

Apr 5, 2016 –

According to the millennial-focused 2016 Mayflower Mover Insights study, 51 percent of millennials cite having moved to a new city, state or country for employment, 46 percent have moved to be with or find a romantic partner and 44 percent have moved to be closer to family. At age 27, Mayflower customer Ambur Fusilier has moved for all three.

“Millennials are super ambitious, and we’re not afraid to follow where our hearts and ambitions take us,” Ambur said. “With technologies like Facebook and Facetime, we have ways to stay in contact with friends and family – we don’t have to stay in the same city.”

Growing up in a military family, Fusilier considers herself an expert mover. After attending high school in San Antonio and college in Baton Rouge, Ambur moved to Dallas for a job. Soon after, she moved to Houston to be with her now husband. And soon after that, she moved to New Orleans, where her in-laws lived and her husband would be starting a new job.

“I find something fun about trying new places and seeing new things,” Ambur said. “I don’t like the idea of being stuck in one place just yet.”

Ambur still lives in New Orleans, and, like many millennials, she prioritized access to experiences when choosing the neighborhood she’d call home. The Fusiliers live in Uptown New Orleans, the heart of the city’s local culture; they are among the 57 percent of millennials who want to live in a city center or an inner suburb.

“If we were going to move to New Orleans, we wanted to be all in,” Ambur said. “We didn’t want to dilute our experience by moving outside the city limits; we wanted to be able to enjoy everything the city has to offer.”

With festivals every weekend and coffee shops on every corner, Ambur loves the energy her current home, New Orleans, has to offer. Likewise, cities like Dallas, Chicago and Denver, identified as 2015’s top destinations for millennials by Mayflower, provide the perfect mix of experiences for millennial movers. More than half of millennials surveyed stated good restaurants as a must have, and 23 percent marked child-friendly activities as a top priority.

After relocating to New Orleans for her husband’s job, she finally feels ready to settle down – at least for a while. Though Ambur hasn’t spent more than two years of her adult life in any one city except Baton Rouge (where she went to college), she likes the idea of planting roots in Louisiana, close to family.

“I have loved all the interesting experiences my moves have given me,” Ambur said, “but I think it will be really hard to get us to leave here. I love this cute little town.”

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