Mayflower Survey Reveals Families More Willing to Relocate for Woman’s Job

Nearly one-third of Americans are looking to move, often for Mom’s career

Mar 31, 2014 – One in three American households is looking to move this year, and women’s careers are increasingly driving the decision to relocate. According to a new Mayflower survey, Americans are more willing to move for the wife’s job today than just five years ago.

One in three American households is looking to move this year, and women’s careers are increasingly driving the decision to relocate. According to a new Mayflower survey, Americans are more willing to move for the wife’s job today than just five years ago. And, in fact, almost 90 percent of Americans believe that relocating for the wife or mom’s job is now more common.

“Mayflower is helping families move to further their careers every day,” said Melissa Sullivan, director, marketing communications, Mayflower. “This data supports what our agents across the United States are reporting – more families are moving for mom’s job than ever before.”

Nearly half of respondents said they know someone who has recently moved for the wife’s job, which is not surprising considering 40 percent of married women surveyed reported earning the same or more than their spouse. This new data complements the results of a 2013 Pew Research Center analysis which found that a record 40 percent of households with children under the age of 18, married and single moms are either the sole or primary source of income for the family.

“For us, gender was never part of the conversation when it came to our careers,” said Katy Michael, a Mayflower customer and mother of two who recently relocated her family for a career opportunity in Boulder, Colo. “We weighed the pro and cons, and decided to move to Boulder because it was ultimately the right decision not for me or for him, but for our entire family.”

The survey found that the majority of women would be willing to move their family for their job, and more than half of families report that they’d support the decision. Whether they are moving for the man or woman’s job, one in three Americans (33 percent) say they feel more comfortable purchasing a home today than last year. And nearly a third (31 percent) say they are now ready to make a move and anticipate looking for a new home within the next year.

Shifting Viewpoints on Women in the Workplace

According to the survey, younger generations were also more likely to support a move for the wife’s job than older generations. Nearly three-fourths (72 percent) of Millennials would support the move, but only 37 percent of pre-Boomers and 59 percent of Boomers would do so.

“As women continue to rise in the workforce, there appears to be a corresponding impact on family dynamics,” said Dr. Fred Medway, a professor of psychology at the University of South Carolina who studies family relocation.

“Millennials tend to have less preconceived notions about the breadwinning role and are more comfortable sharing the career spotlight.”

When asked about who should be the breadwinner, 45 percent of survey respondents reported that they think spouses should take turns in their careers. Regardless of whether it’s the man or the woman, the primary earner’s career tends to drive most family relocations. Among those willing to move to a new city for a job, the survey showed higher compensation is the leading motive. Other important influences include a lower cost of living, the chance to work for a dream company or an opportunity for a simpler lifestyle.

“Moving families have to think about the welfare of the whole family, and to be sure that any potential move is not just financially beneficial and career enhancing, but also beneficial to the well-being of partners, and existing or potential children,” said Dr. Medway.

Mayflower, America’s most recognized and trusted moving company, moves an average of 60,000 families each year and has 300 agents across the country. Read Mayflower’s moving tips to learn how to save time and money and avoid moving scams.

Survey Background and Methodology

Respondents to the survey were selected from Research Now’s consumer panel to reflect a general distribution of the consumer population, ages 18 years and older. Respondents were also selected by regional geographic distribution (South, West, Northeast, Midwest) to reflect U.S. demographics. Without knowledge of Mayflower’s sponsorship, 1,000 respondents completed the survey. Age/generation groups were assigned using the following criteria: Millennial: age 18-34; Gen X: age 35-49; Boomer: age 50-64; Pre-Boomer: age 65+.

Editor’s note: Additional survey data is available by request. If interested, please contact Melissa Sullivan at 636-349-2508 or

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