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If you are moving with Mayflower, you can leave lightweight clothes in your dresser drawers for transport. There is no need to pack them. Off-season clothes can travel by box, being one of the first

Moving clothes from closet to closet is a breeze with specialty wardrobe boxes. These sturdy boxes have built-in racks that hold about two feet worth of clothes on hangers. The advantages
Your first night box contains everything you will want to easily access the first day and night you spend in your new house - remember, you may not be able to find everything you need quickly
china and glassware. Layering flat items: Prepare the entire bottom of your box with crumpled news wrap. The bottom portion of your box is best suited for platters and other large china and glass
1) Use a specially padded box to transport your mirrors safely. 2) Look for a box sized just right for a mirror like yours when you purchase your moving supplies. If you have trouble locating
Your international move doesn’t end when the boxes arrive. Mayflower is dedicated to helping you settle in to your new surroundings. Need help learning the language? Searching for local schools? We
supplies and boxes. Make sure your cardboard boxes are durable enough to survive a cross country move. How to Prepare for Moving Day Between the daily bouts of cleaning and packing, you should make
moving quote, simply either complete the form on this page or call the phone number above. Click this link to see the steps for our moving quote process and how that works. Things to do 7 weeks from
ahead. Before you pack your entire life into a cardboard box, you will need to find a moving company you can entrust with your belongings. Federal and state regulations hold interstate moving companies
match ─ are you using the right tool (or box) for the right job? Determine which of your items require special packaging and ensure that you have enough of the proper moving supplies on hand to protect
Items such as blenders, radios and clocks should be packed with plenty of padding to keep their electronic components safe from damage. Appliances should be wrapped and packed in a box padded

small appliances in the same box. Pad with towels for safer transport. Take care that cords will not scratch other appliances. Wrap cords around their respective appliances. Remove any
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