Los Angeles' Best Neighborhoods - A Quick Guide

Photo of Downtown Los Angeles Area

For a Los Angeles newcomer, it’s important to find the area that’s right for you. Good thing there are locations that fit just about every type of resident, from backwoods peace-seekers to beach front ocean-sitters.

Here are a few LA neighborhoods that offer the good life in southern California.


Brentwood is Hollywood’s escape into the suburbs. Many stars lead their “normal” lives here as it’s the quieter, less snooty answer to Beverly Hills. It’s also out of reach for the “Star Map” seekers. With the beach only minutes away, it’s hard to go wrong with Brentwood. The average value does add up (it is LA, after all) to about $2.3 million, with the average household income of around $175, 469. The general age of the population is older, with a median age of 50 and only 33% of the Brentwood residents being single.   

Studio City/North Hollywood

For a more moderately priced area, Studio City and North Hollywood both provide an escape from the beautiful-but-slightly-indulgent insanity that is Hollywood, without going too far. You can find parking here, too! And Ikea is minutes away, which anyone who has moved anywhere that has one knows is a godsend. The average age of residents is older, at around 40, with half of the population still single. The average home is cheaper for LA prices, at an average value of $1.1 million, and an average household income of $71,468.


Almost Pasadena, but not quite, this residential area feels like suburbia while still only a hop, skip and jump (sometimes two jumps, depending on traffic) to downtown LA. Residents of Glendale have normal suburban amenities like a mall and a Costco. It’s also a great place for someone who works in the city but still needs some distance. The average age of Glendalers is 41, with only 29% of residents being single. The homes here are much cheaper compared to the rest of LA, with an average value of $688,000, and an average household income of $52,440.


Silverlake is not quite suburbia, but still allows you to live like a suburbanite, with peace, safety, and a Trader Joe’s. The area is home to both the young and hip as well as the older-with-kids-and-still-hip. Dog parks, boutiques and local venues galore add to its artistic oeuvre. The average age here is 36, with 51% of residents being single. The young, single Angelinos have an average household income of $54,966 even though the average home values are still pricey at $937,500.


Right on the outskirts of mainland LA, Pasadena is technically it’s own thing but many who find the pace of life (and traffic) of LA too overwhelming, find themselves settling in this clean, family-friendly paradise. Again, another respite from the LA price bubble, Pasadena homes average $720,000, and claim an average household income of $72, 587. The average age, here, is 40 with only 36% of the population being single.

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