St. Louis' Best Neighborhoods - A Quick Guide

Photo of a neighborhood park in St. Louis

New to St. Louis? Here are some of the most popular neighborhoods:

Picking the right neighborhood to live in is likely top on your list. It’s super important where you decide to put down roots, so we called on some locals on for their opinions on the best neighborhoods to settle into. From hip college towns to family-friendly suburbs, there’s something for everyone in the Gateway to the West.

Webster Groves

Home to the main campus of Webster University, Webster Groves is one of the more affluent communities in St. Louis; and its clean, safe streets are perfect for raising a family. In fact, it was voted #9 in Family Circle Magazine’s list of Best Cities for Families in America. The quiet, family-oriented atmosphere will cost you, though, as an average home here is valued at $632,000, while a typical household income is $86,250.

Webster Groves also leans towards the older and married, with the average age of residents being 38, and the portion of those who are single at 41%. Translation: Might not be the best spot for the young and still-sowing-their-wild-oats.

University City

Lovingly called “U. City,” this suburb is one of St. Louis’ oldest. Most of its old streetcar neighborhood architecture from the late nineteenth century remains, giving the area a charming feel. If you’re a fan of Chinese food, you’re in luck—Olive Boulevard in U. City has been established as the “New Chinatown.” As evidenced by the slim 36% single population, most residents in this established suburb are married, with a median age of 36.

The average cost of a home here is $533,800—slightly cheaper than Webster Groves—and even though the average family rakes in $120,769 yearly, a sizable 42% of residents choose to rent.


Missouri’s elite flock to this wealthy neighborhood, and as a result it’s chock-full of private clubs, tennis courts and parks. Take a walk down the shaded sidewalks and you’ll see sprawling, elegant estates. The median age in this affluent town is a little older than others on this list, coming in at 45. 

At a whopping $177,507, Ladue has the highest median household income out of any other city in Missouri, and one of the highest in the whole nation. You can snag a house here for an average of $695,435, although home prices soar well into the millions.


Clayton’s the place for city-lovers who don’t want the hassle of living in the actual city but still want the walkability. The median age of residents here is 43, and only 9% of these residents are single. If you’re a food lover, one of Clayton’s 80 plus restaurants will surely satisfy your cravings; plus, almost everyone who lives here is within walking distance of one of its many parks.

Because Clayton is comprised of wealthy, educated individuals, the cost of living is fairly steep. Renting is almost nonexistent here, with 100% of its residents reported as home owners. Be prepared to shell out an average of $1,366,666 when looking to purchase your new home.


According to locals, Soulard is the place to be for single, young professionals. Soulard is a laidback historic French town with a whole lot of charm, and is known for its many bars and live jazz performances. The median age of residents here is 32 and 74% are single, creating an active, vibrant culture. From pub crawls to the the oldest farmers market west of the Mississippi, there’s always something to do in this lively neighborhood.

Home prices are significantly cheaper, here, at an average of $203,381, yet many of the young residents prefer to rent. At $49,278, its median household income is lower due to the many professionals just starting in on their careers.  

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