How to Pack Silverware

How to Pack Silverware

There are three common things you’ll try to avoid when it comes to moving your silverware: 

1)     Tarnishing

2)     Misplacing pieces that get separated from your set

3)     Accidental injury due to unsecured steak knives or other sharp utensils


With our tips, you can avoid damage and loss. 

  • Completely wrap all silver pieces in news wrap. This will protect them from air, which causes tarnishing and abrasion.
  • If your silverware is not kept in a chest, place the wrapped pieces together in plastic bags and pack them in the dish packs along with your china.
  • If you do keep your silverware in a chest, consider wrapping the pieces individually anyway for extra protection from tarnishing and abrasion. Alternatively, you can simply use crumpled news wrap or paper towels to pad the empty space in your chest. Protect the chest by wrapping it in a large bath towel. 

Take these extra steps now and you will have a complete set of silver to pass down to your children when the time comes. 

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