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Find the moving checklist that you need. We have checklists for the planning, moving and settling-in periods of your move.

Whether you are trying to figure out which items cannot be packed onto a moving truck or looking for things that you should bring for your first night in your new home, we are your go-to moving company that covers it all!

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Small boxes are ideal for heavy or fragile items that must be packed on their own to ensure ease of handling.
Mayflower is dedicated to the safe transport of your household goods. Hazardous items that pose a potential threat to the health and safety of movers (i.e. explosives, flammable gases and toxic substances) should not be packed into your shipment.
Moving into a new home involves much more than just relocating your belongings. You need to re-establish your local support system, set up new accounts and notify government agencies of your new address. Here are a hand full of often overlooked items you should consider prior to moving day.