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What Should I Do 3-Weeks From My Move Date?

Inform your friends and family

  • Make sure the important people in your life know about your move and how to stay in touch with you.
  • Start scheduling any goodbye parties or farewell stops.
  • If you have children, start preparing them for the transition. Give them time to say goodbye to important people and places.

Confirm your travel plans

  • If you are driving to your new home, get your car tuned and ready for the trip.
  • If you are flying, make sure you book your air travel and any other necessary transportation.
  • Book any hotels or stops you’ll need to make along the way.
  • Consider what items you’ll need for the trip and for your first night in your new home. Set them aside so they don’t accidentally get packed.

Start packing

  • If you’re packing yourself, get a head start now so you aren’t overwhelmed at the last minute. Books, out of season clothes and decorative items are a great place to start.
  • Read our packing tips and plan your approach. Most common types of packing tips we recommend; Mirrorsclothingkitchenbedroomdining roomliving roomdishes

Preparing your household

  • Send rugs and draperies out for cleaning. Leave them wrapped for transit once they are returned.
  • Have any antiques or high-end items appraised in writing before the move.  Find receipts for any big-ticket items and keep them with you, just in case.
  • Pack Last: Prepare a “Load Last” box with any essentials you may need on your first night in your new home. Pack things like bottled water, paper towels, soap, a first aid kit and anything else you may need. This box will be the last box loaded and the first box unloaded during your move.
  • Dispose of any flammables, fireworks, cleaning fluids, matches, ammunition or poisons. Check our full list of non-allowables before you go. 
  • Be sure to check the non-allowables list for items not allowed in your shipment. If you are unsure of how to properly dispose of these items, Mayflower recommends visiting to help you find appropriate recycling centers in your neighborhood. 
  • Schedule an appointment with a service technician to prepare any major appliances for the move; your Mayflower moving coordinator can arrange for this service.
  • Drain fuel from your power mower, and discard or recycle the propane tank on your grill.
  • Confirm the date that all of your utilities will be disconnected.
  • If you are moving a computer be sure to ask your move coordinator for a copy of our "If There's a Home Computer in Your Move...” booklet.
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