Request a Moving Quote

What Should I Do 8-Weeks From My Move Date?

Schedule a virtual or in-home walk-through with Mayflower:

  • If are interested in obtaining a moving quote from Mayflower, call 877-720-4066 or complete the form above to schedule your virtual or in-home walk-through.
  • A virtual walk-through allows customers to walk an estimator through their home using our app on their mobile device. (We'll send you all of the details about the app once your schedule your walk-through.)
  • An in-home walk-through is an in-person visit by an estimator at your home. 
  • During your walk-through, your estimator will take a visual survey of your home and all of the belongings that you would like to move. Being able to see your home layout and all of the items that we'll be handling for you helps us to provide a more complete moving quote to you.
  • Your estimator will help you determine which services you'll need to make your move easier, whether you need help packing, storing items or even moving your car.
  • Once your walk-through is complete, your estimator will provide you with a written estimate for your personalized move plan.
  • Is your company paying for your move? If so, refer to your company's policy to ensure you are clear on which services your moving company will be authorized to perform.
Click here to see our full moving planner for every week from 8-weeks out up to moving day!