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With moving companies around the country and advanced technology, Mayflower makes the entire moving process easy. Our movers are here to guide you Every Step of the Way®. Let’s get started!

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Mayflower 2023 Finding Home Survey Shows a Boom Toward Mid-Size Cities

These days, quality of life is guiding where people move. Whether it’s the slower pace, cultural riches or access to outdoor space, mid-size cities are attracting new residents who favor shorter commutes and a calmer, gentler way of life.
Check out what sparked relocations in 2023 — and what helped people find fulfillment and a sense of place.

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Introducing the MyMayflower Move Portal

From your initial moving quote to settling into your new home, the MyMayflower Move Portal streamlines the moving process and guides you through every step. Keep track of your progress with the Move Milestone Timeline and interactive weekly checklist. You can even customize this checklist for your specific moving needs.

MyMayflower Move Portal

Getting a Quote is Simple with our Virtual Survey

Mayflower makes getting a customized moving quote easier with our Virtual Survey which allows you to walk an estimator through your home using video chat on your mobile device. Skip the in-person appointment – it’s all done remotely!

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For Any Size Move, Trust Mayflower® Moving Company to Help You

Our small moves program, Snapmoves℠, brings a big experience to people who have less items to move. Perfect for apartments, condos or one-two bedroom houses, Snapmoves℠ delivers an easy move, no matter the size of your home.

Small Moves

Help Reduce Food Waste and Fight Hunger

Hunger touches a staggering 42 million Americans — including 1 in 6 children. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the vast majority of hunger relief organizations in the U.S served more first-time clients than ever before. That's why we've partnered with Move For Hunger to reduce food waste and provide sustenance to our communities.

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What Makes Mayflower Moving Companies Different

Mayflower has been a trusted national moving company for nearly 100 years. As part of the nation’s largest moving and storage services organization, Mayflower offers a full line of customizable moving services and can help with moves of any size, no matter where you’re headed next.

See what makes Mayflower one of the best moving companies in the nation and let our movers handle your next big move.

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Custom Full Service Options

Customize your move with convenient service add-ons and additional protection choices. With services such as packing and unpacking, storage, and debris removal, you have the flexibility to choose which services you need from your moving company.   

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Full Value Protection

Rest easy knowing every initial Mayflower moving quote includes Full Value Protection. Should damage or loss occur during your move, we will repair or replace damaged / lost items or compensate you up to the total amount of the selected protection.

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Personalized Move Coordination

Your Mayflower move coordinator will help ensure your experience is smooth and hassle-free. A personalized move strategy is developed around your unique long-distance moving needs, timeline and budget. Enjoy all of the resources that a nation-wide moving company has to offer with a personalized and human touch.

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Extensive Knowledge

When it comes to moving your belongings, experience is key. With nearly 100 years as a moving company, coupled with modern resources designed to deliver you a smooth, worry-free move experience, you can count on Mayflower.

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Movers for Any Distance

As your trusted moving company, we can help ease the burden of moving any distance, long or short. Mayflower customers are serviced by moving companies at over 500 locations, so no matter the size or distance of your move, we can help create a move plan tailored to your needs.

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Let's Get Moving

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Plan Your Move With Mayflower

Learn how you can mix and match our customizable and affordable moving services to save time and avoid hassle. We’re here to guide you through the move process and make it easy for you to create a move plan that fits your schedule, budget and needs.

Can you move my

Can you move my Grill

Yes! We can move gas and/or charcoal grills. We will not transport gas or propane, so please make sure to empty grills prior to our arrival.

Can you move my Outdoor Furniture

Yes! These pieces can be awkward and heavy. Let our professional moving company help load, unload and place your patio furniture, so you can begin lounging right away!

Can you move my Above-Ground Pool

Yes! We can help transport your summer oasis to your new home. Make sure to let us know if you need an above-ground pool moved, so we can be prepared.
illustration of a hot tub - Mayflower®

Can you move my Hot Tub

Yes! Hot tubs are not only huge, but they also have a lot of parts that require separate packing from the tub itself. Special equipment for moving hot tubs is necessary to transport in your move.
illustration of a memory foam bed - Mayflower®

Can you move my Foam Mattress

Yes! Moving a foam mattress requires special handling and a specific type of carton to prevent it from being damaged during transit. It is important that no permanent folds are created in the bed when packing and moving this type of mattress.
illustration of an oversized tv - Mayflower®

Can you move my Oversized TV

Yes! Moving a large screen TV in its original packaging is best, but if that is not possible, our professional movers can pack and transport your oversized TV carefully with special boxes and padding.
illustration of an oversized sofa - Mayflower®

Can you move my Oversized Sofa

Yes! The size and weight of the sofa are important factors, as is the material of the couch in determining how to protect it from damage. We also use special equipment to safely move your oversized furniture.
illustration of a smart bed - Mayflower®

Can you move my Smart Bed

Yes! The components of a smart bed are actually much more compact and lighter than a traditional mattress when packed; they just require a bit more time and attention to disassemble and pack in comparison.
illustration of a piano - Mayflower®

Can you move my Piano

Yes! Moving a piano requires serious manpower and planning, as well as special equipment to safely move one of the most valued possessions in your home.
illustration of a riding lawn mower - Mayflower®

Can you move my Lawn Mower

Yes! With a few precautionary measures during preparation and the correct load ramp, a riding or traditional lawn mower can be loaded on the truck and transported.
illustration of a speed boat - Mayflower®

Can you move my Boat

Yes! Transporting your boat requires special equipment and depends on the length and weight of your vessel. There may be special road transportation permits from the Department of Transportation required to move your boat.
illustration of a golf cart - Mayflower®

Can you move my Golf Cart

Yes! Some golf carts require full crating, while others can be wrapped and padded before using a ramp to put on the moving truck. Using a professional mover like Mayflower takes the guesswork out of moving this item.
illustration of a car - Mayflower®

Can you move my Car

Yes! Mayflower utilizes both open-sided and enclosed carrier equipment to move automobiles.

What Our Customers Say

Mayflower moving companies are the nation’s most trusted movers because of the industry-best service we have provided past customers. From small moves to large moves, from moves across state lines to moves across the country, Mayflower movers have been trusted by over a million customers to get them and their belongings from their old to their new homes. See what just a few of our customers have said about their experience hiring Mayflower as their moving company of choice.

Our experience throughout the entire process was exceptional! From the initial inquiry for information and pricing to the professional staff who showed up to load, everyone was extremely pleasant and helpful. The online process was easy and they were always available to help with questions. Well done, 5 stars!

Jillian B.
Moved from Shelby Township, MI to Raritan, NJ

Overall experience was great. We received proactive communication throughout the entire process which kept us up-to-date and our minds at ease. Everything was picked up and arrived on-time. The entire team, from start to finish, were very professional, knowledgeable, and helpful.

Nelson A.
Moved from Austin, TX to Denver, CO

From start to finish the experience was great. Attention to detail, follow up and care of our household belongings was exceptional. Communication was excellent at every step too. That includes the meeting to evaluate the furniture being moved, quotes, details needed to be addressed, coordination of moving trucks, and finally the owner operator who transported our items.

Chris C.
Moved from Rochester, NY to New Smyrna Beach, FL

Advice From Trusted Movers

Whether you have moved 10 times or are just moving away from home for the first time, Mayflower is here to provide helpful advice. As a leading moving company, we are always providing new, helpful articles and tools to help our customers make the most of their journey.

Mayflower moving truck in residential area - Mayflower®

Tools and Tips From America’s Most Trusted Moving Company

We know you have many options when choosing the right moving company. At Mayflower, we strive to make your moving experience easy by offering the best of moving tips in the form of straight-forward checklists, how-to articles and quick, fun videos. This is your place for practical, modern packing tips and more. Looking for a week-by-week planning guide? Check out our moving planner.

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