Corporate Relocation FAQs

Mayflower understands that every move is different, especially a corporate relocation. It takes expertise and experience to take on this complex process. 

Browse our corporate relocation frequently asked questions for helpful tips.

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Do you have EDI capabilities?
Yes. Mayflower has the ability to utilize Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Not only does this help the environment by utilizing less paper, it can substantially reduces time, prevents the loss of documents in the mail, etc.
Who owns Mayflower Transit, LLC?
Mayflower Transit's ownership structure ensures that your best interest as our customer is always in mind. Our company is owned by its agents. Within the group of our agent owners, 18 agents serve as our Board of Directors, setting the policy and direction of the company. This structure ensures that every decision is not set by outside investors, but by professionals within the moving business.
How does your service differ from that of your competitors?

In addition to offering the highest quality of service, backed by highly reputable resources in the industry, we offer a variety of packages that provide a customized relocation experience for your employees. Please see our Moving Protection page for more information.

Can I track my employees’ shipments?
Yes. With our shipment tracking you have the ability to check in on any of your employees’ shipments. Additionally, we provide your employees easy access to track their personal shipments.
Are you ISO certified?
Yes. Mayflower Transit is ISO 9001:2008 certified, adhering to the strict standards and commitment to quality associated with this certification.
Do you have a program for employees moving with a lump sum?
Yes. We have a variety of solutions for your employees moving with a lump sum. Some of these options include: extending the terms of your transportation agreement to employees moving with a lump sum, assisting in the marketing of an existing home or finding a new one through the CityPointe®program, destination information to help educate your employee about his or her new city, container solution options, and more. We encourage you to discuss all of the options available to with your local Mayflower representative.
Can you assist in the development of a corporate relocation policy?

Yes. A solid relocation policy in is a key factor in ensuring a smooth move for all of your employees and for you as the program administrator. We can assist you in building a policy that is custom-suited to the unique needs of your company, based upon our knowledge and vast experience in servicing our corporate clients.

How do you measure quality?

We survey our customers after their relocation. The results are tabulated by a third-party company and distributed to all internal service providers on a daily basis. This allows us to receive feedback on an ongoing basis, while also tracking trends so we can continue to identify areas for improvement.

Do you offer performance matrices?
Yes. Not only can we help you with a variety of reporting, we empower you with access to our customer portal that serves as an online database, available 24/7, with reporting capabilites on any aspect of your company’s relocations with Mayflower.
Do you have international capabilities?

Absolutely! In fact, UniGroup Worldwide Moving is our international division and can directly service many aspects of an international relocation that our competitors outsource. This means you have the relocation experts handling your international needs not simply the lowest bidder for an outsourced service.

Visit UniGroup Worldwide for more information about our international services.

What are the benefits of a transportation agreement?

There are many benefits of having a transportation agreement with Mayflower Transit. These include full-value protection, a single point of contact to handle all aspects of your relocation, a price that doesn’t fluctuate during peak seasons, credit terms and much more.

With so many benefits, and the ability to offer customized service unique to the needs of your company, it’s best to discuss the benefits of a transportation agreement with your local Mayflower representative.