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Packing Services  

Some may choose to handle all the packing themselves, while others want the help of professional movers. Either way, we can tailor our packing services to fit your timeline, your budget and all of your belongings. No matter which option you choose, we’ll take care of the loading, transportation and unloading. Plus, you’ll get our Full-Value Protection and the help of a move coordinator to support you throughout your move.

Types of Packing Services We Offer

Full Packing Services

Take the stress and hassle out of packing for your next move. For some, packing is the worst part of the move! Mayflower makes packing a breeze, removing yet another stress factor on a move. Let us handle the heavy lifting.

Partial Packing Services

We work with your unique needs. During the estimation process, we'll get a deep understanding of exactly what you want. This includes selecting which rooms/items to pack in case you need a helping hand.

Unpacking Services

Now that you have moved into your new place, it's time to unpack and make a new home. Sometimes unpacking tends to take longer than planned, or it just a chore. With Mayflower, sit back and tell us where you want everything to be. We'll do the unpacking for you.

Custom Crating Services

Some of your more fragile household goods may need to be secured and crated before movers load it on the truck.  Mayflower moving agents offer custom crating services to protect any specialty goods you need to move. Ask your estimator about special handling for large mirrors, artwork, glass tabletops and antiques.

Electronics Packing & Installation

Take the hassle out of disconnecting and setting up your PC Network and Home Theater. Arrange to have your computers, televisions and stereo systems disassembled and packed before the movers arrive and then reassembled in your new home.

Get Started With Mayflower’s Packing Service

Mayflower makes the moving process very easy. To get started, fill out your information above to request a ballpark moving quote or call us at 877-720-4066. You'll get connected with a Mayflower agent that will help cater to your needs.

What Packing Supplies Do I Need?

If you decide to pack most of your household on your own, you are going to need to start with a handful of basic packing supplies and skills. 

  • Packing Tape
  • Marker
  • Colored Tissue
  • Box Cutter
  • Rubberbands
  • Newsprint
  • Study packing boxes

Packing Resources

Good packing is essential for a stress-free move. If you choose to do some or all of your own packing, it is important that you be familiar with professional packing techniques in order to help protect your possessions.

Packing Checklists

packing checklists

Organize your packing supplies, protect your goods and prepare for moving day with one of our easy-to-follow, downloadable packing checklists.

Packing Articles

packing articles

Learn professional packing techniques and protect your possessions with helpful advice from some of Mayflower's most experienced moving experts.

Packing Videos

packing videos

Learn how to pack each room in your home with Mayflower's video library. Our packing videos demonstrate professional techniques with step-by-step tutorials.

Full-Service Packages

full service packages

Mayflower offers affordable service packages to provide you with flexible options for enhancing your moving experience.