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Check out our collection of helpful videos designed to make your move smooth and easy. Regardless if you are packing yourself or having your moving company take care of everything for you, we have compiled professional packing tips and moving hacks for convenient viewing here!

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Plan Your Move Out Day - Couple speaking in kitchen - Mayflower

4 Key Tips for a Smooth Moving Day

Preparing for Moving Out Day: The process of moving starts long before the movers arrive at your home. Follow these steps to prepare.
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How to Pack Shoes - Fashion concept with male shoes on wooden background - Mayflower

How to Pack Shoes for Your Move

If your shoes have survived pre-move planning without being routed to a giveaway or garage sale pile, chances are you plan on wearing them again someday.
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Modern gold and white place setting frames ample white marble copy space. - Mayflower®

How to Pack Your Dining Room

If you are preparing to move out of your house, it is important to start by gathering all of the essential packing supplies.
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Interior shot from a white Scandinavian style white kitchen in an apartment.

What Prevents People From Decluttering?

Do you struggle to declutter? Discover the top five things that prevent people from decluttering and learn how to avoid them. Start improving your space today.
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Wooden book shelves full of books - Mayflower®

How to Pack Your Books Effectively

Carefully evaluate your collection for books that you could live without. More than likely there are some you could part with, especially when you consider the cost of moving them.
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How to Pack Lampshades For Moving - Table lamp on white background - copy space. 3d illustration - Mayflower

How to Pack Lampshades for Moving

Before you pack the lamp base, remove the light bulb and the lamp harp. Wrap each piece individually in news wrap.
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How to Pack Your Clothes - Pile of various sweaters in the closet. Selective focus. - Mayflower

How to Pack Your Clothes

If you are moving with Mayflower, you can leave lightweight clothes in your dresser drawers for transport. There is no need to pack them.
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How to Pack the Living Room for Moving - mom and her young son packing up toys in their living room - Mayflower

How to Pack the Living Room for Moving

Before you start packing up your family room, make sure you have all the supplies you will need.
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How to Pack the Kitchen For Your Move - Mayflower mover packing up plates on a kitchen counter - Mayflower

How to Pack Kitchen Items: Your Dishes, Appliances and More

Kitchens are filled with difficult-to-move items such as plates, glasses, appliances, and more. Learn how to pack kitchen items from Mayflower.
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How to Pack a Mirror for Moving - white wall with photos of the family in various photo frames - Mayflower

How to Pack a Mirror for Moving

Here are six helpful steps to pack and prep your mirrors to minimize the risk of breakage.
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Plan Your Move In Day - two mayflower movers standing in a kitchen reviewing a checklist - Mayflower

Plan Your Move-In Day

We know moving can be a busy and stressful time — but it’s also an exciting new chapter.
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How To Pack Your Bedroom - woman mover packing blankets on a stripped bed into boxes- Mayflower

How to Pack Your Bedroom

Ready to start packing up your bedroom? Start the process off right by gathering all of the packing supplies you will need.
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