Indianapolis Balances Small Town Charm and Big City Amenities

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One of the more surprising trends revealed in the Mayflower Finding Home study was a marked shift in where and why people moved. One of the key findings was that those who moved or were considering moving were looking at smaller, midsized cities and towns that offered a less hectic pace, a lower cost of living and a more balanced, family-focused lifestyle. A midsized city with full size charm, Indianapolis was high on Mayflower’s list of “moved to” places, with over 60% of our customers moving there versus moving away.  

For many, Indy strikes a perfect balance between family life, work and play. A full 40% of those surveyed moved to Indianapolis for family-related reasons. In fact, in the past four years there has been a 10-point increase in relocating here for family (39.53%) in 2022 versus (28.57%) in 2018.   

But there’s so much more to Indianapolis beside its family-friendly appeal. 

Wondering if there’s much going on in a smaller city? Whether you’re into sports, outdoor activities or just finding a cool new spot for a drink, Indy has you covered.  You can catch a Colts or Pacers game one night, check out the world-class zoo by day, and eat your way through an international restaurant row the next. And of course, there’s the iconic Indy 500. 

More than 60% of study respondents cited proximity to parks, green spaces and nature trails as a major factor in their move decision so it’s nice to report that Indy has over 200 parks, including Eagle Creek, the nation’s largest city park. There’s also a well-defined infrastructure for bikes, including the Monon Trail and the Cultural Trail, which provide safe routes through downtown traffic. You can go hiking, swimming, kayaking and more, either within the city limits or just a brief drive away.  

Does leaving a big city mean living in a cultural vacuum? Nearly half (48%) of those responding to the study say proximity to arts and culture venues helped influence where they moved. Rest assured, Indy has a thriving arts scene. You can see Broadway shows, jazz concerts, ballet, symphony and more at venues like the Murat Theater, the Madam Walter Theatre or the Old National Center. For a bit of visual inspiration, visit the Indiana State Museum, Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and the Indianapolis Museum of Art. 

Worried about finding a place you can afford? With so many respondents to our study — 86% — feeling that housing prices are too high, Indianapolis offers some welcome relief. The cost of buying a home in Indy averages just under $275,000, and a one-bedroom rental goes for approximately $1,500. Even better, a less competitive housing market means you can choose between historic neighborhoods or modern high rises to call home. If affordability is a factor — and it is for over 90% of those responding to our study — Indy’s overall cost of living is 7% lower than the national average and nearly 50% less than Manhattan.  

In short, moving to Indy means you can get all the benefits of urban living with less of the cost — and fewer of the typical hassles.  

Whether your journey to your own Forever Home takes you to Indianapolis — or just about any other place in the continental U.S. ― we hope you’ll consider moving with Mayflower. Be sure to check out Finding Home, where we share some of the latest moving trends and motivations for moving to a new state, as well as tips and tricks for settling in 

Read more about what it’s like living in the state in our Indiana guide.   

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