Finding Home

Finding Home

Finding Home 2023: In Search of a Better Life

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    Until recently, relocating for a new job was a primary motivator for settling into a new city. Today, it’s a whole other scenario as people begin to see the possibilities of living where the air is fresher, the pace less rushed, and the things and people that matter most to them are close at hand.

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What Finding Home Means to Americans in 2023

At a time when major cities are taking a hit migration-wise, Mayflower asked why mid-size cities and towns have become more attractive. Some of these emerging cities and states are retirement meccas. Others are better suited to up-and-comers. However, all of them offer a more “human,” easygoing way of life without sacrificing cultural, athletic and recreational options. Want to learn more? Dive in.

Finding Home 2022: Adjusting Expectations

In 2022, cost of living and affordable housing were top of mind. Mayflower asked how you’ve adjusted your expectations in order to find your next abode.

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Finding Home 2021: Hometown Vibes

There’s no place like home – but how did you find “home” after relocating in 2021? Mayflower reveals how Americans defined their identities in new places.

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Regional Guides

In the early stages of planning a move? Not sure what feels right? Our regional guides offer an immersive look at what it’s like to live throughout parts of the U.S. Whether you prefer wide, open prairies or rugged coastline, they’re a great place to start contemplating your moving journey.

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Moving to Another State

Making a cross-country move is a big step toward finding your forever home. Dig deeper into the perks and considerations when considering a state-to-state move in 2023 and beyond.

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City Guides

Finding Home’s city guides are all about helping you get to know your new surroundings, from the weather you can expect to job prospects and hidden gems. The goal? To help you embrace your forever home or home for now.

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Tips for Settling Into Your Home

Designed to help your house feel like a home, our blog features everything from move-in day tips and tricks, decorative ideas, and advice on settling in.

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