Santa Fe Wows With Its Rich Culture, Inspiring Landscape and Slower Pace

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As part of the 2023 Mayflower “Finding Home” campaign, Mayflower surveyed thousands of individuals across the country over the last two years (movers and past movers) to understand what drove them to choose a particular city.  

There was a time when work served as a significant reason for relocating. With the onset of the pandemic — and the remote and hybrid work that followed — people found they were no longer tethered to their city to make ends meet. As a result, priorities have shifted inward.  

In addition to many Americans now recognizing the benefits of mid-size cities over their larger counterparts, we learned their new location had a great deal to do with quality of life. Nearly half (48%) of movers say the proximity to arts and culture venues helped influence where they moved.  

That mix of mid-size city living and accessibility to amenities is precisely what led Max Junchaya to move from the Boston suburb of Westwood, Massachusetts to Eldorado, New Mexico, a suburb of Santa Fe. He’s not alone — 75% of the city’s Mayflower moves were of the inbound variety.  

“I visited New Mexico back in July 2020 and fell in love with this state,” Junchaya says. “Since then, I tried to find employment so I could move here, which I did. Now, I am embracing life in my new environment.” 

One of the best cities for art lovers, Santa Fe first began to attract creatively inclined residents in the late 1800s. Mesmerized by the landscape, culture and adobe architecture, a unique community developed in “The City Different,” one that continues to flourish to this day. 

“If I would have visited New Mexico years ago, I would have been living here a lot sooner,” Junchaya says, noting there’s less traffic and therefore less stress.

Life in New Mexico seems more peaceful with all of its access to nature.

Junchaya — who values the scenery and mountains of Santa Fe — is in good company when it comes to seeking a home with proximity to parks, green spaces and nature trails (61%).  These amenities are, at minimum, comparable to what he experienced in Boston. 

Sure, he found a few surprises along the way — like how cold the winters are and the adjustments of living at a high elevation — but that hasn’t dampened his enthusiasm one bit. 

“Eldorado is definitely home,” Junchaya says. “I love my new community, along with the friendly people.” 

Are you considering a Forever Home — or home for now – in Santa Fe? Read more about what it’s like living in the state in our New Mexico guide.  

Still on the fence? Check out Finding Home, where we share some of the latest moving trends and motivations for moving to a new state. 

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