Ways to Make the Most of Your Farewells When You Move

One of the more bittersweet aspects of the journey toward finding your new home is bidding adieu to the old one. So how do you say goodbye to your friends, loved ones and your old stomping grounds? Here are a few tips for doing it the right way, dialing down pent-up stress and emotions, and moving forward gracefully. 

Let Your Besties Know ASAP 

As soon as your move becomes official, one of the first things you should do is share the news with your closest friends. Do this sooner rather than later. After all, it’s an emotionally charged moment for you both, so allow sufficient time to process the news and perhaps shed a tear or two. Let them know you’ll stay in touch — and do your best to keep that promise. 

Say Your Goodbyes Appropriately 

For those you are especially close with, say goodbye in person. It shows you genuinely care about them and it’s an opportunity to give them a personal invite to an outing or farewell party (and hey, you might even get up the nerve to ask them to help you pack!). If a face-to-face isn’t practical, a phone or Zoom call is the next best thing. It’s still personal since you’ll be interacting one to one and it’s a good choice if circumstances make it impossible to meet.  

What you shouldn’t do is announce your move to close friends in a mass email or social media post. They — and you — deserve better. Save this option for people you know more casually and post only after you’ve already been in touch with your inner circle. 

Host a Party 

Ever hear of a house cooling party? The opposite of a housewarming, it gives friends an opportunity to say their goodbyes and you a chance to share some special moments and memories with them. The key is to make it simple and not overdo things (you have enough on your plate already!). Plan for a get-together a week or so before the big day and keep prep to a minimum. After all, they’re coming to see you, not your packing boxes!  

If you’re so inclined, make a farewell speech and encourage everyone there to share a fond memory.  

Take One Last Look Around 

Give yourself a break from organizing and packing up your stuff with a farewell trip to a favorite restaurant, cafe or night spot. And if there are any local attractions (like a park or museum) you always planned to visit but never quite got around to, now’s your opportunity.  

Spend some quality time with close friends by going to a movie, concert or sports event. Weather permitting, play a sport or game together — perhaps a final round on the golf links or a friendly game of poker.  

And just as you should do when you’re settling into your new neighborhood, take a walk or drive around town. It’s a great way to reflect on all the good times you enjoyed while living there and a chance to get excited about what you’re about to experience in your new space. 

Bring – or Leave – a Memento  

It could be taking along something as small as a souvenir plate, ticket stubs from a local ball game, or even a small shrub you can replant in your new yard. On the flip side, leaving your “mark” on a space might make it easier to say goodbye because a bit of “you” will still be there. Perhaps you could carve your initials into that old oak tree or leave a penciled-in message under the eaves in the attic. Feeling a bit more ambitious? You and your loved ones could create a time capsule with family mementos and bury it in the backyard for the future owners to find.  

Write a Note to the New Owners 

Nothing long-winded or mushy! Keep in mind that the people moving in are going through the same types of experiences and emotions as you. Just wish them well in their new home and tell them you hope they enjoy living there as much as you did. Psychologically, it’s a way of establishing a sense of continuity while finalizing this chapter in your life. 

We hope your journey to Finding Home is smooth and successful. And remember, no matter where you happen to be in the moving process, you can count on Mayflower to be with you Every Step of the Way®. 

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