Moving in Summer: Tips and Guide

This summer’s moving season is expected to be busy. We're here to help, in every way we can.

Don’t Delay — Book Your Move Early

Our agents are working hard to meet your needs during this year’s peak moving season. We also want to help you navigate the process so it’s easy and stress-free.  

Have extra time or flexibility? Book early — as far in advance as possible is best. Not an option? Read on for expert tips and advice from our pros.  

  • How Early Should I Book My Move?

    Booking your move well in advance lets us more efficiently plan and manage everything around your relocation and helps us put time on your side. Learn more about booking your specific move type. 

  • What If My Preferred Move Date is Not Available?

    During this year’s summer moving season, booking early is recommended. If that’s simply not an option and you know you want a full-service move, consider this advice from our experts. 

How To Spot A Moving Scam - Moving company worker packing cardboard boxes, quality delivery services - Mayflower

Real Movers Versus Fake Movers: How to Spot the Difference

Regardless of who you move with, we want to help ensure you’re not the victim of a moving scam. Get tips on what to look for. 

Spot Rogue Movers
Mayflower moving truck in residential area - Mayflower®

Your Ultimate Guide to a Stress-Free Long-Distance Move

See how Mayflower ensures a stress-free long-distance move from start to finish. Our guide walks you through every step, from getting a quote to delivery. Let’s simplify your move together!

The Ultimate Guide to Moving Long Distance
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The Only Moving Checklist You'll Ever Need

We can help you get organized for your move eight weeks in advance. Check out our comprehensive checklist to streamline and simplify the tasks at hand.

Stay Organized With Our Moving Checklist
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What to Do While Waiting for Your Belongings to Arrive

Sometimes there will still be a lag between when your valuables are scheduled to arrive and when you cross the threshold of your new front door. We have some tips for you to make the most out of this waiting time.

Get Tips