The Ultimate Roadmap To Moving With Mayflower

As America’s Most Trusted Mover, we understand how much there is to accomplish when you’re planning a move. That’s why we’ve created this comprehensive moving timeline to help guide you through the entire move process, from getting a quote to delivery day.

We’ve been moving families like yours for nearly a century, and we know exactly what it takes to ensure a smooth and hassle-free move experience. From our hands-on service to our advanced technology, our movers are here to guide you Every Step of the Way®.

1. Request a moving quote from Mayflower by calling 877-720-4066 or request a quote online.

A moving quote provides customers with an estimate of their moving costs. In order to provide a more complete moving quote, A Mayflower specialist will need to take a visual survey of your home layout and all of the items that we’ll be handling for your move. Our Virtual Survey is completed remotely, using your smartphone or tablet. It can be an easier, faster way to get your moving quote.

2. Receive confirmation of your scheduled Virtual Survey

Once you’ve requested a quote from us, a Mayflower representative will contact you via email or phone to schedule your Virtual Survey.

3. Prepare for your Virtual Survey

A Mayflower representative will guide you through the entire Virtual Survey process, including how to download our Virtual Survey app and how to access our complete Virtual Survey instructions.

Here are some things you should be prepared to do on the day of your Virtual Survey:

  • Show all of the rooms in your home, including storage areas, garage, shed, attic and yard.
  • Let us know exactly which items will need to be loaded onto the moving truck and which items will not.
  • Disclose any valuables that are greater than $100 per pound (e.g. antiques, fine china, designer apparel, etc.).
  • Indicate any items that are delicate or easily breakable.
  • Show the outside area of your home so we can examine accessibility from your home to the moving truck.

4. Receive your moving quote

On the day of your Virtual Survey, your moving specialist will take a visual survey of your home and all of the belongings that you would like to move.

At this point, your moving specialist will also help you determine which services you’ll need to make your move easier.

At Mayflower, we know that every move is unique, and that’s why we offer customizable moving services to fit every moving need. Whether you need help packing, storing items or even moving your car, we can help ensure your move experience is seamless and worry-free. 

During your visual survey, make sure to show the moving specialist everything that is going to be moved. Any items you fail to disclose or that are added later to the shipment will increase the cost, even if you have been given a binding estimate. Lastly, read the Your Rights and Responsibilities brochure as it contains lots of helpful information.

Keep in mind that the following factors will impact the price of your move quote: month and day of your move, distance of your move, number of belongings to be moved and additional moving services you may require. 

Is your company paying for your move? If so, refer to your company’s policy to ensure you understand their policies.

5. E-accept quote and provide payment information

Once you lock in your move-out date and confirm your plan, you will book your move.

If you have any questions about your estimate, rights and responsibilities or booking your move, reach out to your move coordinator who will be there to help you Every Step of the Way.®

After your move is booked, you’ll be given a unique link to MyMayflower which is an online portal. This portal will contain everything pertaining to your move, including your move coordinator’s contact information.

6. Check in with your move coordinator (about 4 weeks out from your moving day)

Notify your move coordinator if you have added or subtracted items from your planned move or if there are any changes in dates. You will also want to verify that the destination address and phone numbers where you can be reached are correct.

Confirm any extra stops required to pick up or deliver goods to a location other than the main pickup or delivery points.

If your car is being moved, be prepared to drive it to the loading site for auto transport. Also, be prepared to pick up your car at your destination location; again, your move coordinator is here to help. Do not be afraid to reach out if you have questions.

7. Read the complete list of non-allowables before you start packing

Make sure you understand what items are allowed or restricted on the moving van before you start wrapping and boxing your belongings.

8. Start packing

If you’re packing yourself, get a head start now so you aren’t overwhelmed at the last minute. Books, out of season clothes and decorative items are a great place to start.

Read our packing tips and plan your approach. The most common types of “how to” packing tips we recommend include: mirrors, clothing, living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens and dishes.

Prepare a “First Night Box” box with any essentials you may need on your first night in your new home. Pack things like bottled water, paper towels, soap, a first aid kit and anything else you may need. This box should be the last box loaded and the first box unloaded during your move.

If you are utilizing Mayflower’s packing services, check in with your move coordinator for the details of the services you requested.

For more helpful information as you prepare for your move day, check out our moving tips and checklists.

9. Be on site at your current residence on moving day

Make it a point to be on hand to see that all of your goods are loaded; remain close by until loading is complete. After making a final tour of the house, check and sign the inventory list. Be sure to get your copy from the van operator or make sure you received confirmation via email.

Check in with your move coordinator and ask any remaining questions about your moving services.

There will be some necessary paperwork on the big day:

  • High-Value Inventory form: complete and sign stating whether or not items of extraordinary value are included in the shipment.
  • Bill of Lading/Freight Bill: includes the terms and conditions under which your goods are moved and is also your receipt for the shipment.
  • Extraordinary (Unusual) Value Article Declaration: If applicable, check this box on the Bill of Lading.

Give the van operator the exact destination address.

Be sure to let the van operator know how you can best be reached, pending the arrival of your belongings.

10. Be on site at your new destination on delivery day

If you cannot be there personally, be sure to authorize an adult to be your representative to accept delivery and pay the moving charges for you.

On the day of delivery, the van operator will attempt to contact you by phone and/or will stop by your new home if he/she is unable to reach you. If you or an authorized individual cannot accept delivery of your belongings within the free waiting time (i.e., two hours) you may request additional waiting time (for an additional cost) until the delivery can be made.

Check your household goods as they are unloaded. If you notice any damage or that something is missing, personally report it to your move coordinator or representative. If there is any change in the condition of your property from what is noted on the inventory list, note discrepancies on the van operator’s copy of the inventory. By signing the inventory, you are acknowledging receipt of all items listed.

When unloading, each piece of furniture will be placed as you direct, including placing of rugs and setting up any beds that were disassembled at origin. If you would like your mattresses unpacked or appliances installed, check with your salesperson or move coordinator beforehand. They can help you arrange for this additional moving service.

Lastly, keep all your moving documents in a safe place.

11. Make a claim if necessary

Although we do not anticipate it, sometimes the unexpected can happen and an item may be lost or damaged. If this does occur, you will be able to file your claim through the online portal. Before beginning your claim, be sure to have an image of the item that was damaged or a description of the lost item. Also, be sure to have your order number on hand.