Kentucky was the 15th state to be formed and the 1st state west of the Appalachian Mountains. Frontiersmen Daniel Boone is known for creating the Wilderness Trail and it allowed settlers to expand westward and into Kentucky.

The Bluegrass State is well-known for its historic horseback racing and iconic Kentucky Bourbon. In addition to horseback racing and bourbon, there are 45 Kentucky State Parks to explore.

The state park Red River Gorge tucked away in the Daniel Boone National Forest, is a canyon and has the most freestanding sandstone arches outside of Arches National Park in Utah.

From Kentucky Fried Chicken to college basketball and rolling hills, there is something for everyone in Kentucky. The movers at Mayflower have compiled the highlights of what it’s like to live in Kentucky before you make your move.

Life in Kentucky

Kentucky has a fairly low cost of living* and is the 18th most affordable state to live in. Kentucky’s cost of living is 93.9, 6.1% lower than the United State national average. 

Kentucky also has lower property tax rates compared to other states in the U.S. The state’s property tax decreased in 2021 for the first time since 2008.

The low cost of living allows for over 68% of Kentucky residents to own their home. The housing index for Kentucky is 81.1 on a national index of 100, and the median home price is $120,400. 

Weather in The Bluegrass State

Kentucky has mild and moderate weather and experiences all four seasons.

The summers are warm and sunny and will average around 87 degrees. Be prepared to buy sunscreen because the UV index is higher in Kentucky. 

The winters can be moderately cold with an average of around 23 degrees, so expect some snow and ice in the winter. Remember to take precaution when driving in icy or snowy Kentucky weather.

Kentucky weather can vary a lot in a day, so it’s advised to dress in layers and be prepared for sudden storms. 

The Kentucky bluegrass grows in the springtime, and by fall has turned golden yellow. Trees here turn golden yellow, red, and orange with the change to the cool weather season. Spring, summer, and fall are the most popular times for moving due to the beautiful spring, sunny summer, and fall colors. If you are still deciding time to move to Kentucky, our moving experts have some helpful tips for you.

Education in Kentucky

When it comes to finding a strong school, Kentucky doesn’t fall short. Kentucky has over 171 school districts and nearly 1,500 schools to help your child succeed in school. 

Whether you choose public or private, Kentucky has several top-ranked high schools. Some of them include DuPont Manual in Louisville, The Gatton Academy in Bowling Green, and Beechwood High School in Fort Mitchell.

From small college towns to the largest cities in Kentucky, there are several quality options for higher education.

The University of Kentucky in Lexington has the top hospital in the state, one of the top communication programs in the country, and excellent paths for those interested in pharmacy and education. The University of Louisville has consistently received awards for their commitment to diversity and inclusion on campus and in educational programs.

The Horse Capital of the World

The state of Kentucky is known as the Horse Capital of the World. With more than 450 horse farms in the region, it’s easy to see why they have earned this nickname.

Each May, over 150,000 race fans go to Churchill Downs in Louisville to watch the Kentucky Derby. The Kentucky Derby has been an American tradition since 1875. The Derby is the first race in the Triple Crown, followed by the Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes. The race not only attracts out-of-state visitors but also is one of the most exciting events for Kentuckians. 

If you are new to the region, You can gain an appreciation for the sport by horseback riding through the Kentucky scenery or visiting the Kentucky Derby Museum. 

If you are wanting to go camping and bring your equine companion, there are many camping grounds that encourage horses.

They Don’t Call It Kentucky Bourbon For Nothing

Kentucky is known as the bourbon capital of the world. Since 1700, this region has been producing some of the most famous brands of bourbon enjoyed across the globe. In fact, 95% of the world’s bourbon supply is distilled in Kentucky

The quality of soil and the climate of the state are some of the reasons why it became the perfect spot to distill bourbon. It’s not just the great climate, it’s also the water. Kentucky’s water runs through limestone reserves, which makes for superior bourbon and for stronger horses, they say.

The Kentucky Bourbon Trail is a pilgrimage of sorts for bourbon lovers and offers tours and tastings at many well-known distillers, including Jim Beam, Bulleit, Evan Williams, Makers Mark, and many more. 

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