Tips for Juggling Life’s Responsibilities During a Move

Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans” - John Lennon 

Being a responsible adult isn’t always easy, especially if you’re trying to keep things on an even keel during something as disruptive — and life-changing — as a long-distance move. So many good and not-so-good experiences can happen along the journey to Finding Home. The real trick is anticipating and having a few “Plan Bs” in your back pocket.  

Let’s look at some of the top things adults like you are generally responsible for during a move and how you can juggle them all a bit more smoothly. 

The Move Itself 

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a cheat sheet that covered all the move-related things that needed to be taken care of week to week, from now right up until the Big Day? Well, we’ve done exactly that, and it’s based on more than 95 years of experience helping people just like you on their journey toward Finding Home. Just download a free copy of “The Only Moving Checklist You’ll Ever Need”.  

Your Partner 

Emotions can run high during a move. If you’re in a relationship, remember that your partner or significant other is feeling just as anxious and overwhelmed. You need to be there for each other and recognize that circumstances like being the trailing partner have unique challenges. Open communication is key. Share your questions and concerns and offer each other plenty of empathy and support as you settle into the next phase of your life. 

Your Family Members 

Depending on their age, children can experience a range of mixed feelings before, during and after a move. With younger children, getting them involved early in the moving process will help make them less anxious and more on board with what’s going on. Move day itself will go a lot more smoothly if your young child isn’t underfoot. Have a babysitter or close friend look after your child to avoid a lot of unnecessary upset and distractions.  

With everything from school to dating to sports and recreational activities on their agendas, older kids and teens often find it tough to make a smooth adjustment. As a responsible parent, it’s up to you to keep the lines of communication open, consider their issues and concerns seriously and not take any harsh comments or observations too personally. If you can, schedule your move for summertime which will be a lot less disruptive to their school and social lives. 

Hey, pets are family, too! As a responsible pet owner, you’ll want to check out these tips for helping your furry and feathered friends settle in more smoothly. 

Your Career 

According to the  Mayflower 2022 Finding Home Study, many moves are still job-related. Whether it’s a completely new job or relocating for an existing employer, a few simple steps can help dial down the stress and ease the transition into your new workplace. Check out some tips for dealing with the nuances of a job-related move. 

Your Bills, Utilities, and Odds and Ends 

Our move checklist has a schedule outlining when you should be doing things like contacting the post office about a change of address and transferring utilities such as electricity and cable to your new space.

We hope your journey to your new address is smooth and successful. And remember, no matter where you happen to be in the moving process, you can count on Mayflower to be with you Every Step of the Way®. 

Want more tips and advice? Check out our other blogs for city guides, decorating ideas and a wealth of other helpful, time-saving information.  

Oh, and did you know Mayflower has a channel on Spotify? Move and groove to tunes that get you to your new place — and settled in — in style. 

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