Moving Checklists

Stay organized during the moving process. Mark things off as you go and never lose sight of your move with these handy checklists.

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First Night Box Checklist

Here are items you’ll need for your first night in your new home.

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Non-Allowables Checklist

We recommend not packing these restricted items when moving.

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Moving Supplies Checklist

Check out all of the supplies you’ll need to self-pack.

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Packing 101 Checklist

Here are the packing basics for those who just want a quick reference.

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Pack Separately Checklist

These items should be packed separately for safety and convenience.

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Moving Tips & Guides

If you’re interested in seeing everything in one place, check out our blog for our comprehensive moving tips library.

  • Moving Into Your First Home - curly-haired girl packing a pile of books into a big box - Mayflower

    Moving Into Your First Home

    Less is more. This statement couldn’t be truer when it comes to moving. So, try to put off major furniture and appliance purchases until after you’ve moved into your new home.
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  • How to pack wine bottles - Seven bottles of wine- Mayflower

    How to Pack Wine Bottles

    Your wine bottles require special care in a move. It isn’t difficult to upset wine’s delicate chemistry with high or low temperatures, vibration, humidity or light.
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  • Tin cans for food on wooden background

    How to Pack Food - Expert Moving Tips

    Be mindful of restrictions when packing perishables. Keep in mind that there are laws that prohibit movers from transporting some types of perishable goods.
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