Home Maintenance Tasks to Do Before You Move

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The best welcome you can give your home’s new owners is a space they’ll feel comfortable in from day one. It’s part politeness and consideration and it also shows the new owners that the space has been loved and well cared for. Most importantly, it will give you peace of mind knowing you left your old place in good condition.  

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to prep your place for its new residents. Here are some basics for making your former home more appealing when the new owners arrive.  

Do a Deep Clean Inside 

A deep clean before you move out will not only make your home more inviting for the new owners, you’ll feel better, too. Remember, however, that a deep clean is a big clean, so be prepared to move furniture and appliances to get the dust and dirt out that’s underneath and behind. Scrub floors and walls and get any wall-to-wall carpeting as clean as possible. Make sure the windows are clean and in good working order. Also, test that any appliances included in the sale, like a refrigerator, stove or dishwasher, are functioning properly. While you’re at it, give that ceiling fan some attention, too. 

If all this seems too overwhelming in addition to your own packing tasks, consider calling in a professional cleaning service to do a deep clean for you. It’s money well spent. 

Leave No Food Behind 

Nobody wants to see their new kitchen cabinets full of someone else’s abandoned food items. With this in mind, make sure you’ve gotten rid of anything you don’t intend to take with you, donate to a food pantry or pass on to a neighbor. Many Mayflower agents participate in the Move For Hunger program that lets customers donate unopened, non-perishable food items that are within their expiration dates. If you’re moving with Mayflower, ask your agent about it.  

Clean Up and Organize Outside, Too 

Rusty swing sets, peeling paint and swaying weeds are the last things a new owner wants to see when they pull up in the driveway. If it’s still warm outside you’ll want to make sure that the grass is cut, the yard and shrubs are nicely maintained, and anything broken or not useful is removed from the property and disposed of. If it’s winter and there’s snow in the forecast, make sure you’ve arranged to have it removed from the driveway and sidewalks.   

Weather permitting, you should also touch up any peeling or chipped exterior paint, especially around windows and doors. Sweep the front porch and make sure it’s free and clear of debris so move-in day goes smoothly. If possible, also check that the roof gutters and downspouts aren’t clogged and that all exterior lights are in good working order. 

Make Minor Repairs, But Don’t Overdo  

Let’s assume that major issues like a leaky roof or faulty water heater have been noted and addressed during the official home inspection. However, your home’s new owner will find annoyances such as broken bedroom doorknobs and dented drywall discouraging at best. Walk through each room and look for things like creaking door hinges, broken light switches and dimmers, loose floorboards or dripping faucets―and get them fixed. As a final note, check that all smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are in good working order. It could save a life!  

On the other hand, over-improving your home with costly renovations right before the move is usually a waste of money and effort. This is not the time to remodel a bathroom or completely resurface a driveway. The new owners are already aware of these bigger issues and should be ready to tackle them once they’ve settled in.  

Don’t Burden the New Owners with Your Old Business 

If you’ve used our Move Checklist to manage your own journey to your new space, you’ve probably ticked this one off already. Still, a surprising number of people forget to have their mail forwarded. Consequently, the new owner’s mailbox is soon cluttered with the previous owner’s bills, magazines, catalogs and other stuff that will, frankly, tick them off. This is not only inconsiderate, it’s downright impractical. You can fill out a Change of Address form online at USPS.com or visit your local post office to get a Change of Address form. The same goes for any longstanding services like lawncare or housecleaning. Make sure you’ve let these and other regular service providers know you’ve moved on.  

We hope your journey to Finding Home is smooth and successful. And remember, no matter where you happen to be in the moving process, you can count on Mayflower to be with you Every Step of the Way®.  

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