How to Manage — Not Micromanage — Your Move

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Whether it’s an overbearing boss or a ballistic bridezilla, chances are you’ve come face to face with a micromanager (a.k.a. “control freak”) at least once in your life. However, while it’s often easy to spot the tell-tale characteristics of a micromanager in others, it can be surprisingly easy to overlook these traits when it comes to yourself.  

Often, the control freak within us emerges during stressful, major life events, moving among them. For purposes of this article, let’s assume you’re using a professional mover like Mayflower to handle most, if not all, move-related tasks. (If you’re critiquing and criticizing friends helping you out with a DIY move, that’s a whole other level of “no.”) That said, here are a few tips for keeping your micromanager tendencies at bay before, during and after your move.  

If You Want to Manage Something, Manage the Prep  

There are plenty of tasks that need to be taken care of before the movers show up. For example, you’ll want to pare down your possessions and get rid of stuff you don’t intend to take. This could mean having a porch or garage sale or even donating items like food or clothing to a thrift store or food pantry. You’ll also need to set up (and turn off) utilities, officially change your mailing address and even plan out how you’ll get to the new place.  

At Mayflower, we’ve broken down the whole prep process into a comprehensive, 8-week move checklist. Also, if you’re moving with Mayflower and have non-perishable food items in your cupboard, ask whether your agent participates in our Move For Hunger partnership. 

Trust the Experts 

Look at it this way: A professional mover will probably pack, transport and unpack more possessions in a week than you will in a lifetime. Even if you’re the type who wants everything done their own way, take a deep breath, step back and recognize there’s no single “correct” path to getting a job done. A reputable mover like Mayflower will do their best to make your move go smoothly and efficiently, and while they’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have, you don’t want them stopping to explain everything they’re doing. With this in mind you might find our article, “How a Move Works,” helpful and informative. 

Rely on Your Move Coordinator 

When you move long distance with Mayflower, you’re automatically assigned your own move coordinator. In a very real way, this individual functions as the official “micromanager” for every aspect of a customer’s move – so they don’t have to. Move coordinators are the customers’ number-one point of contact with everything related to a move – and they’ll keep customers updated about how a move’s progressing, when the truck will arrive and what to do if something unexpected happens. 

Our advice: When in doubt, reach out. Your move coordinator has the experience and resources to help you with just about any move-related question or need. 

Learn The Lingo  

Many of our move coordinators tell us that customers aren’t necessarily familiar with many move-related terms and phrases, causing a communications gap and misunderstanding. At Mayflower it’s always our goal to build trust and keep the lines of communication open. With this in mind, here are a few things move coordinators tell us frequently need further explaining, as well as a glossary of terms you may hear mentioned before and during your move.  

Keep The Big Picture in Mind 

One thing about micromanaging: It’s all too easy to get lost in the weeds. This of your move as a project that depends on multiple people performing their roles to the best of their ability.  

  • As a customer, your role is to book your move as far in advance as possible, get things organized and move-ready, and be there to oversee both ends of the move 
  • If you’re moving with Mayflower, your move coordinator’s role is to keep you informed about the progress of the move, help you plan effectively and deal with any issues that may come up 
  • Finally, your movers are there to help transport your possessions to your new home so you can settle in and enjoy your new adventure 

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