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Mayflower moving services: CityPointe®

If you want to learn more about your new neighborhood, receive referrals to real estate agents and temporary housing professionals, and be eligible for cash back on the sale or purchase of your home, then CityPointe is for you!

Cash back from CityPointe

If you make use of referral services offered by CityPointe, you may be eligible for cash back.  Check to see how much you can get back from CityPointe in the chart below. Best of all, if you utilize real estate agents referred by CityPointe to sell your old home and purchase a new residence, you could earn double the cash back.
  Check the Cash Back chart to see how much you can get from CityPointe:  

Cost of Home

Your Savings*

  $150,000   $750
  $200,000   $1,000
  $300,000   $1,500
  $400,000   $2,000

To begin the CityPointe process, submit your
CityPointe Referral Authorization Form



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*Cash back is based on home value. In order to be eligible, you must use Mayflower for your move, choose to use a real estate agent from among those referred by CityPointe, and your home’s value must exceed $100,000. Certain moving expenses may be tax-deductible less any reimbursements that you receive. Please ask your Mayflower agent for more details.


Certain restrictions apply. Offer may not be valid in some states.


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