Protection Add-Ons

Protection Add-Ons

Even the best-planned moves can hit a few bumps in the road. With our added protection, you can cover all your bases. These add-ons, available through our service packages, can provide you with extra assistance in the event that something unexpected occurs.

Additional Valuation Protection

Every initial estimate includes Full-Value Protection (FVP) that covers your move at $6 per pound. Your agent can help you decide if that’s enough protection for you, based on the total value of the belongings in your move. If you want to increase the amount of your FVP, it’s easy.

Work with your agent to determine the appropriate level of protection. You can add protection at a low cost of $5.50 per extra $1,000 of FVP.

Flagship Protection®

This add-on is designed to expand your Full-Value Protection. We highly recommend this option if you have furniture sets that would be difficult to find replacement pieces or parts for in event one was damaged. It includes:

  • Pairs and sets:
    If we lose or damage an item in a pair or set and the item cannot be fixed or replaced, Mayflower will replace the set or pay for the entire set’s replacement value. For example, if we damage one chair in a set and it can’t be repaired or a matching replacement is unavailable, we’ll compensate you for the entire set instead of only the damaged chair.

  • Mechanical Malfunction:
    Some items aren’t made to be moved without of their original factory packaging. The act of being moved or even road vibrations can cause unseen damage to certain electronic equipment. Any equipment that is in good working condition before the move will be in the same working condition after the move or it will be repaired or replaced – even if its cartons show no signs of damage.

  • Acts of God:
    We’ll make every effort to protect your belongings from natural disasters or other acts of God during your move but some events are beyond our control. With this level of protection, we will not deny your claim for loss or damage only because it was caused by an act of God during the move.

Additional Delay Payment

If we cause a delay in the pick up or delivery of your belongings beyond the time printed in your paperwork, we will compensate you for the delay. The standard amount is $100 for each day the pickup or delivery is late, or you can increase the amount to $250 with this add-on option.

Identity Theft Protection

Moving could increase your vulnerability for identity theft. This option includes a one-year platinum membership in the SOLUS Identity Theft Protection Program.

Please visit for Membership Terms of Service and to enroll now. Services must be initiated within 90 days of delivery.*

Claim Assist

We realize it can be time-consuming to navigate the claims process. With this service, we provide on-site help completing the necessary forms and will fast track your claim as a priority matter. We’ll also help you explore options to repair or replace the item in question.

Increased Destination Waiting Time

Sometimes you just can’t be in the right place at the right time. We can provide the flexibility you need. If we are ready to deliver your belongings to your new home as scheduled and you’re not available, we’ll wait. The standard destination waiting time included in your move is two hours. With this option, we’ll increase that time to four hours.

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All of our Protection Add-Ons are available in our Service Packages. Combine extra protection with added conveniences and save.

*All services provided by Mayflower or third-parties, including these, may be changed at any time and are subject to additional rules, terms and conditions as contained in Mayflower’s MT01 On Point tariff. Please ask your Mayflower sales representative for more information about our packages and services.