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A Complete Guide for Moving to Kansas

A Midwestern state with a Western heart, Kansas is known for cattle, wheat and wind.

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Connecticut Relocation Guide – Tips for Moving to Connecticut

One of the original 13 colonies, the Constitution State offers the best of New England’s historic charm, along with unparalleled modern connectivity.

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Dallas City Guide

Just moved to Miami and ready to explore the city? Check out our ultimate guide from Miami locals.

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Your Guide for Moving to Maine

Thinking about moving to Maine?

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A Complete Guide for Moving to California

California at a Glance California is the place of legends. For one thing, the Golden State sees an average of 258 glorious days of sunny weather each year.

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New York City Guide

Just moved to New York City and ready to explore the city? Check out our ultimate guide from New Yorkers.

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Your Guide to Moving to Florida

From the citrus groves to the Everglades, Florida is a southern peninsula awash in natural riches.

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What to Do While You’re Waiting for Your Things to Arrive

You’ve arrived. Your things are still on the way. Get some tips for what to do while you’re waiting.

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What It’s Like to Move as a Teenager  

Are you a teen on the move — or their parent? Get an insider’s POV on what it’s like from a 16-year-old who’s moved coast-to-coast three different times.

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Moving to Jacksonville, FL? Here’s What You Need to Know

Jacksonville at a Glance  With the roaring Atlantic at its front door and an alluring labyrinth of estuaries, salt marshes and rivers at its back, Jacksonville is a cosmopolitan oasis

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Pros and Cons of Living in New York City

New York City at a Glance  Located at the confluence of the Hudson River and the Atlantic Ocean, this capital of the eastern seaboard has been a beacon for newcomers,

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What You Need to Know Before Moving to South Dakota

Bound by the graceful lowlands of the east and the sacred Black Hills in the west, South Dakota is an understated treasure of the upper Midwest.

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