Protection Services

Moving internationally is a complex process with many moving parts. UniGroup Relocation is dedicated to providing the most effective and complete protection services to our customers.

When moving your items across the world, protect your belongings with our customized protection service offerings to ensure you are covered.

Types of Protection

You have options when selecting property protection services. We’ll help you make the selection that best fits your needs:

Weight Multiplier

This is the recommended protection package for most customers. Your entire shipment is covered based on weight, and you can identify high-value items for additional coverage.

High-Value Inventory

List any items valued at $1,500 or more that require special care. Our crews will use handling, packing and/or crating techniques to ensure these high-value items arrive safely.

Itemized Valued Inventory

This protection package requires a detailed inventory of all your items to be moved. You’ll receive coverage only on the items listed at their current market value.

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