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Settle in to New Surroundings

Your international move doesn’t end when the boxes arrive. Mayflower is dedicated to helping you settle in to your new surroundings. Need help learning the language? Searching for local schools? We are ready to help you acclimate and settle-in to your new country.

Cultural and Language Training

You’re moving to a new country, with a new culture and new language. Mayflower has the cultural and language training resources to help you fit right in.

School Assistance

Moving to a new country can be difficult. Moving school-age children can make things even more complicated. We’ll help you locate the top international schools in your area and assist with enrollment services.

Partner / Spouse Support

Mayflower understands the needs of families and couples moving overseas. We’re here to help with everything from childcare to career assistance for your partner/spouse.

Settling-In Services

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Mayflower can assist with details such as acquiring a driver’s license or setting up your utilities.

Departure Assistance

We’ll help ease your transition back home after your assignment is complete. We can assist with bank account closures, lease terminations, and other “move-out” tasks.

International Moving Services

As a leader in the international moving industry, Mayflower has access to transportation resources in more than 180 countries. With expertise in immigration, housing, customs and culture, our international move specialists can help you plan and manage your next international move.

With world-class transportation, shipping and relocation services, Mayflower provides international movers with peace of mind. Our customers receive the local expertise support they need as they journey into new, uncharted territory.

Pre-Assignment Services

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Thorough planning is critical to a successful overseas move. From destination orientation to visa and immigration assistance, we’re here to help.

Destination Services

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Your overseas move doesn’t end when the boxes arrive. Mayflower is dedicated to helping you settle in to your new surroundings.

Property Protection

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When moving your items across the world, protect your belongings with our customized protection service offerings to ensure you are covered.

Housing Assistance

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Let Mayflower handle your housing needs. Whether you need temporary accommodations, a furnished apartment or a permanent residence.